Tips from me to you

Here I aim to post tips for parents that I have discovered on my journey.

22/1/11 When taking bub somewhere that you know you will do a lot of walking ditch the traditional nappy bag. This applies to us because our nappy bag, although very spacious and practical, is huge, cumbersome, doesn’t fit in standard lockers, doesn’t hang off the pram (without tipping it over. NOT recommended), and is a shoulder bag so my shoulder gets very sore carrying it around. We three went to Seaworld today and although we had the pram we didn’t take the nappy bag, we just put the essentials into a backpack with padded straps with the rest of our things. A list of ‘essentials’ for us was some nappies, one change of clothes, some wipes, some cream, some dummies, two jars of babyfood, 2 spoons, and 2 old muslin wraps (to cover change tables or act as modesty cover) and bub’s water bottle. I guess I could get a nappy bag that is a backpack instead, but, it seems like a waste of money. I like our normal nappy bag, because I like that I can have it jam packed with spare clothes for any possible temperature change and I can keep it stocked with consumables so I only have to check it once a week or so. It’s just that on days when you’re going to be on your feet all day it’s best to leave it behind and only take what you need. We left the nappy bag in the car, so if we needed anything else it wasn’t too far away anyway.

29/1/11 Be prepared for unexpected events by stocking up the pantry and the baby care consumables. This also saves money if you buy in bulk or in advance during sales. See blog post being prepared: stocking up

31/3/11 If you want your husband to start contributing more around the house, and nagging obviously doesn’t work (it never does but yet we always seem to think it will) try being nice to him. *shock*. Try doing something special like making him lunch or breakfast or cooking something sweet for desert or buying a treat with the groceries. It’s not just about the food (although it does help), it’s about showing him you care. You might have to do this a few days in a row (men are slow) so don’t lose heart if he doesn’t respond to your first batch of muffins with “why don’t I do the dishes while you have a bath?” In fact try not to yell at him if he responds to your first attempt with “how did you make such a mess?”. Be patient. Soon enough he will reciprocate. If cullinary activities aren’t your thing there’s always massages, dvd nights, letting him play computer games, or the obvious. ;). Whatever you decide, the goal is to show you love him as your partner in life not just someone to “take her away” when you need a break from the baby.

21/7/11 Make sure that you keep your marriage healthy because marital stress affects the kids not just the parents. See my post “Is your marriage babyproof?” for details.

30/9/11 Pregnant? Exhausted? Try these tips for toddler-wrangling with weary legs.

27/7/12 wow I’m way out of date here. Here’s some relatively recent ones.
-cooking with a two year old

grocery shopping with two under two


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