No DPCON12 for me

This is my fourth post in the DPCon12 saga. The first I was excited, the second I was down, the third I was brainstorming, and now I'm announcing…  

I have officially sold my ticket to the 2012 Digital Parents Conference…. and it feels good.

As much as it would have been a good opportunity and it would be nice to meet you all I ended up deciding that at this time of my life it wasn't worth the stress involved in getting there.

I am not a good traveller and the thought of doing it with two young children was not overly appealing. I hope that next year the kids will be old enough to be babysat and I'll feel much more at ease. Also if I'm still blogging next year I'll know it's worth the investment. Also there's the hope that a conference might be held a little closer to home one day.

Despite this I had so much trouble deciding if I should go or not. I didn't want to let fear hold me back but I didn't want to go just because it was what "everyone else" was doing. I really didn't want to miss out but that didn't necessarily mean I really wanted to go. So to make up my mind I wrote that horribly long list of things to consider. I still wasn't sure so I thought "if I can't make up my mind I must want to go despite it being too hard." 

The thing is that even then I wasn't convinced. Continually changing my mind was driving Corey and I nuts so I decided just to sell the bugger (the ticket, human trafficking is illegal in Australia) and get it over and done with. Yes I'm sorry that was a terrible attempt at humour.

What ended up making up my mind was a head cold and a stomach ache but also the realisation that planning things far in advance with young kids often leads to disappointment. So we decided instead that the money I got from selling my ticket is mine to save for a rainy day.

I get pocket money to spend on myself and we don't have to spend hours stuck in a plane with our two young kids. I'm thinking I might head out to dinner or a movie or buy a new outfit or take the kids somewhere special, or, gee I don't know! Right now the possibilities are endless and I'm quite excited!    

I've also decided that at some convenient time in the next six months or so I'm going to give myself a decent chunk of time to spend on my blog. What I most want to do with my blog is update the tags and add pictures. I can do that myself I just need time. I'm not interested in conforming to a cookie-cutter style, I just want to personalise it a little bit. 

I'm not too worried about missing out on networking opportunities anymore. For now I am happy just being part of nuffnang's product talk occasionally. My main priority is writing about my experiences and what I know in a way that my audience will find instructive, inspiring or entertaining. If I do what I do well then this little blog of mine will continue to grow, slowly but steadily.   

I'm not upset about not meeting fellow bloggers either because a) my time will come b) I do have a fairly decent social life in 'real life' and c) online relationships are fun enough. I can continue to connect with my blogging buddies through facebook and Twitter as I always have.  

Speaking of that, I know that DPcon will be mentioned a lot on Twitter, Facebook and blogs around the time of the conference. I'm telling myself now not to see it as "I'm missing out" but rather as "how nice they are sharing what they are learning with us non-attendees."   Who knows, when my blogging friends are at the conference I might go to somewhere local with WiFi and follow the live Twitter stream?  My friend Kristy has a blog. If I take her with me it'd kind of be like a conference… Maybe… 

To all who are going to DPCon12 I hope you have a wonderful time. I'm sorry I won't meet you there. Maybe I will see you in 2013 when life settles down a bit. For now I have my gorgeous babies to keep me busy and that's more than enough for me.

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