Introducing "Wormy’

Guess what!? I have news!!! I mentioned it in my previous post but it hasn't had many page views so for most of you this is probably new.

Baby "Wormy" has arrived. I couldn't be more in love with him if I tried.

We named him William. We don't want his middle name on the blog. Somehow to this day Alexis' middle name hasn't been revealed on the blog yet and we would like the same for William. It just gives us the illusion of them having a little privacy.

I also don't really want his date or time of birth on here either. It's a bit tricky to go into the whole labour/birth story without it though. It's a hard mix, trying to share enough to keep my readers interested but withhold enough to keep myself at ease. Once something is on the internet it's on there forever. 

So what do I feel comfortable sharing about baby William at this stage? Well, firstly, he is absolutely perfect.

He is a good sized baby: big enough to adjust quickly to life outside the womb but small enough he didn't break me on the way out. (I'm still mulling over a birth story.)

He is a natural boob-feeder just like his big sister was. I can't find the words to describe how blessed I am to have had two babies who don't have problems feeding. Feeds are long and very frequent, but I'm happy because I really didn't want to have to mess around with bottles.

He looks like his daddy and he is adorable.

He is a cuddly, snugly baby who likes to be swaddled in blankets.

He sleeps well. Apart from one night with horrible wind he has slept quite well for us. 

He is pretty placid still at this stage but a curious personality is starting to peek through.

He thoroughly enjoyed his first bath. He trusted Corey without any doubt and he loved floating in the water. It was beautiful.

He absolutely adores big sister Alexis.

Alexis absolutely adores William too. She is quite protective actually, she cries when he cries and she wants to know where he is and what he's doing. Alexis even offered him some pear and a turn colouring in her new wiggles colouring book (trust me, that is love). She is taking well to being a big sister but naturally is a little disappointed he can’t play with her yet.

Well seeing as this feed's finished that's enough blogging for me for now. More adventures to write about soon enough. Plenty more golden moments to be had. For now though (1am. Now 4am), back to bed.