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Another thing I never thought I would say

Motherhood is definitely interesting despite the obvious monotonous duties. My kids ensure I learn something new each day. This evening’s new phrase? “No William. We don’t stab mummy’s car with a fork. Especially not the headlight.” Well there you go.


A 3am rambling.. Sickness beneath the surface

William is sick.. Again? Still? He’s been crook for a month but we finally found a doctor that would prescribe something for it. He’s been on antibiotics since lunch time yesterday, so he has only two doses so far. He appears to be worse, as often happens in these cases but I hope it’s working […]


18 month varicella vaccination

The varicella vaccine (prevents chicken pox) was one of the vaccines I was unsure if I wanted my children to receive… I am extremely pro vaccination for whooping cough (Bordatella purtussis) , measles, meningococcal and polio, to name a few, because these diseases are horrible. When it comes to ‘little old chicken pox’, I was […]


A new strategy for sleep yet again

So it turns out my love affair with controlled crying was very short. One night, once again the following day and then it left me all alone feeling dirty and used. Ok dirty dodgy metaphors aside, I concede there’s a time and a place for crying methods of sleep training but they’re not for me. […]