mug shots

This week’s listography challenge at Katetakes5 is mugs . Kate herself called it a ridiculous listography but she has 60 entries so we bloggers must love ridiculous, or mugs. Anyway here’s 5 favourite mugs from my kitchen.

This was a wedding present. I use it every morning for a cup of tea. I don’t need to remind myself that I’m married but I like the mug. The stable flat base is so handy when I’m really groggy in the morning.

This is my husband’s (obviously) milo mug. Only milo is allowed in it. Corey sometimes drinks tea but out of a different mug. My friend made herself a coffee in it once and Corey (who wasn’t there) complained about the taste for months afterwards. That particular friend hasn’t been invited back over.

This mug is my coffee mug. I used it everyday when I was studying or working but I don’t drink coffee anymore because I don’t like the effect it has on my breastfed baby. I’ve tried drinking tea out of it but it just isn’t the same. This isn’t a good picture but it says, “my cup overflows. Rejoice in the bounty of the Lord.”

I have four of these plastic mugs. I don’t trust them for hot drinks but they’re nice for drinking water out of when everyone else is having a coffee.

I've had this mug since primary school. I still really enjoy it but I don't use it regularly because I don't want to break it and I don't want my two year old daughter to break it. I use it to cheer me up on really feral days though. It has a matching bowl that we use regularly.