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The milk thief

4am William seems to wake up every time I express. He normally waits until I'm nearly finished but then wakes and screams his head off. It's as if he knows and is not impressed. "Don't steal my milk mummy!" He has to wait until I've put the bottle away, which he does not like at […]


mug shots

This week’s listography challenge at Katetakes5 is mugs . Kate herself called it a ridiculous listography but she has 60 entries so we bloggers must love ridiculous, or mugs. Anyway here’s 5 favourite mugs from my kitchen. This was a wedding present. I use it every morning for a cup of tea. I don’t need […]


No DPCON12 for me

This is my fourth post in the DPCon12 saga. The first I was excited, the second I was down, the third I was brainstorming, and now I'm announcing…   I have officially sold my ticket to the 2012 Digital Parents Conference…. and it feels good. As much as it would have been a good opportunity and […]


I doubt you’re in labour -> oh there’s his head in 5 mins

A few people have asked me to write my labour/birth story. This post took me days to write because a) I got interrupted a lot and b) the memories made the afterbirth pain seem worse. It’s not a well-written post. It flicks between past and present tense. It’s long. I haven’t edited it. It’s too […]