my hormonal 13 month old

I’m still breastfeeding my 13 month old, partly because she is a booby fiend, partly because trying to wean her was exhausting and frustrating. If I’m honest with myself a part of me is just not ready to stop feeding even though my doctor is telling me I have to.

One thing I did not anticipate is the change in my daughter’s behaviour. She is normally fairly stable, kind, affectionate, loving, independent and adventurous. Lately she has been clingy, sooky, whingy, whiny, lethargic and ravenous. Every so often her mood changes back to her normal cheery self. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy extra cuddles with my little girl, but I wonder, is this my fault? Are my hormones passing through the breastmilk, upsetting her and making her moody. Or is it my less than stable mood she is picking up through observing my less than perfect behaviour. Or is it that my milk is drying up and she is upset about that. Perhaps all of the above.

She is teething, so maybe that’s the only reason. She would be in pain coz her teeth are huge. The thing is when she is teething she wants more boob feeds. So I can’t really take the boob away from her now, its her main source of comfort. Hmmm, this is tricky.