Couldn’t have done it without ‘Grr Grr’!

The other morning I was dawdling a bit, unsure of whether I was going to take the kids to playgroup or not, when I received a phone call from my dad. “Hi Karls, I’m in the area, just wondering if you need some help with playgroup today?” “Yes please! We’re at a park today.”

So dad came, fed William breakfast, dressed the kids and put the kids bikes in the car and put the kids in the car while I ran around grabbing bits and pieces we would need. We were just about to leave when my sister rang. Her car wouldn’t start.

So we booted grandad out of the car and I consoled Alexis as we followed ‘Grr-Grr’s car to Aunty Manda’s. Grr-Grr and Manda were getting things ready for grandad to drive to playgroup and I took it upon myself to get Izy off the footpath of the busy road. The kids thought it was great.


We arrived at the park, unloaded three bikes and three kids from two cars, strapped the kids on the bikes and pushed them up the hill. I asked Manda, “where is everyone?” “Oh, nobody else is coming today,” she said, “we’re it.” “Oh ok.”

We certainly made our own fun. We ‘drove’ the kids around the bike road, went down the giant slides (my abs still kinda hurt from carrying William up a massive hill), made dirt cakes and ate crackers (not the best combination, haha), toyed with the idea of a see-saw but couldn’t sit still long enough, and went on swings. Then the kids dragged us around the bike track a few more times before a mass toilet stop and the grande effort to get everyone and everything back in the car.

William was so tired he fell asleep the instant my dad placed him in the carseat. Alexis was a little upset that Izy was going with Grr-Grr without her so I stopped through McDonald’s drive-thru for and icecream and that soon put a smile on her face.

It was a great day. The pics speak louder than words here.




Thanks dad for just happening to be in the area, for trading your precious ute for a sedan a few months ago, for being handy and playing well. Couldn’t have done it without you. Xx