Fun on the farm

A definite perk of being a ‘stay at home’ mum is having the freedom to take the kids out for the day. Oh the irony.

On Friday I took my kids to see my grandparents. They have a hobby farm so it is always quite an adventure. Nanna also has a wonderful array of delicious treats and there are toys everywhere. As you can imagine, trips to “nan-nan and Pa-Pa” are a great day out.

This time was no exception.

We gave grandpa his father’s day present, had some morning tea and then it was play time.

We showed the kids some baby chicks then had a trip through the bird avery to see a baby cockatiel. Alexis was terrified of the birds flying over her head but William found it fascinating.


We then went to see the sheep and the cows and the geese and the gardens. Alexis did rather like watching Pa-Pa collect the eggs from the chickens but was, of course, more interested in the swing set and see-saw. Typical two-year old. think grandpa enjoyed himself a little bit too.


After our play we set off in search of ducks to feed bread to and a park to play at.



William slept through the park so we gave him a bit of fun when we got back.


He wasn’t quite ready to wake up yet but soon sprung back to life after Nanna made him some eggy bread. He devoured it, some of Alexis’ eggy bread, a peanut butter sandwich and Alexis’ peanut butter sandwich. Gotta love that boy. Alexis was saving room for desert. Nanna’s house usually involves ice cream and Alexis is never too shy to point that out.

I had to let the kids play inside for awhile after that to tire them out again. By the time we did leave they were so worn out they were asleep by the end of the next street. They did, of course, wake with a fresh burst of energy as soon as we got home. Sigh. Where do they find the energy?

Thanks for a great day Nanna and Grampa.