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Why, why does the baby cry?

Justine Clarke has a song, “Why, why does the baby cry. Won’t somebody tell me why. Why why does the baby cry? Water falling from her eyes.” She goes on to say the reasons why baby might be crying. In the end they stop baby crying just by singing a lullaby. Wouldn’t that be nice. […]


One snotty tissue at a time

It’s 3:30 am. I don’t know if I am capable of stringing a few words together or not, I guess I’ll find out. So far so good. I’m absolutely wrecked. My immune system tried really hard to beat this cold but it has given up. By sunrise I might be little more than a pile […]


Shiny new mattress

Look look look, shiny new mattress! When Corey and I got our first mattress 3.5 years ago we got a fairly cheap one. It did the job for a while but it was never going to last long. It barely survived me being pregnant twice in two years. It was pretty much dead by the […]


My kids stay up late and I’m OK with that

Written Sunday but seeing as I’ve already posted today (a post about losing my son’s toy at the shops) I’ll schedule this for Monday morning. That way I can link up to week 12 and be an early bird instead of sneaking in on Sunday of week 11. Better late than never though, right?Simplify your […]