Why, why does the baby cry?

Justine Clarke has a song, “Why, why does the baby cry. Won’t somebody tell me why. Why why does the baby cry? Water falling from her eyes.” She goes on to say the reasons why baby might be crying. In the end they stop baby crying just by singing a lullaby. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Alexis quite likes the song and honestly I quite enjoy it too. It has a cute melody and I like the idea of the song. I started singing it because Alexis used to say, “Uggy boob” every time William cried. I wanted to show her that there is other reasons why babies cry, in particular sometimes they just want attention. Alexis can actually sing it with me now. My kids have a real appreciation for music. Most kids do.

So, why do babies cry? It depends on the age and personality of the baby but as a general guide a crying baby could mean any of the following:

– baby is hungry
– baby thinks that he is hungry. This is totally different to baby actually being hungry but not according to baby.
– baby needs a nappy change
– baby is tired
– baby is cold
– baby is hot
– baby is lonely
– baby is scared
– baby’s clothes are too tight/irritating/itchy/uncomfortable
– baby is teething
– baby has wind or tummy ache
– baby is bored
– baby is frustrated
– baby is jealous
– baby is overstimulated
– baby wants a cuddle
– baby just wants mummy
– baby just wants daddy
– baby wants a dummy
– baby wants something to chew on
– baby wants something that his or her older sibling has
– baby just wants to see what happens when baby cries
– baby is worried because mummy is out of sight
– baby has a sixth sense that senses if mummy desperately needs to go to the toilet, has just fallen asleep or is having special cuddles with daddy

Or as it would seem tonight, baby is aware that mummy has been on the phone to Nanna organizing for her to come babysit so mummy can take daddy out on a date. It seems very far fetched but I am suspicious. I was feeding William at 8pm when mum called to organize tomorrow night. It’s now 11pm am he has barely let me out of his sight. He did let me put him down at 10pm just long enough for me to fall asleep. I must have been out to the world because when he woke a few minutes later he actually woke Corey up before I came to. There probably is a legitimate reason as to why William has been a little needy but I haven’t worked it out yet. It’s a funny little coincidence don’t you think?

4am. Quite possibly the roughest night ever. I’ve given up the prospect of getting any sleep tonight although as an experiment I just told Corey in front of William that he would have to find somebody else to take to the movies. Corey is too busy being mad at me to realise I am just mucking around. Hopefully when he’s had a few more hours sleep he will forgive me. I am playing mind games with a 7 month old. Yes I have quite possibly lost my marbles. Maybe William ate one and has an epic tummy ache? Then again, he’s just started snoring.

Why why does the baby cry?

Because he can.

Every post needs a photo so here’s a pretend grumpy face I prepared earlier.