Riding the germ train

We’re caught in a bug trap again. It’s not very fun. William is the only one with any overt signs of sickness but the rest of us are tired and cranky as our immune systems struggle to keep on top of the microbiological assassins while functioning on limited, interrupted sleep.

It must be a change in season.

This weather has no idea what it’s doing. It’s boiling one minute, cold the next. As for the wind? Brrrrrr! Epic chill. The kids are restless. I’m confused. I don’t like to go out much coz it’s so hard to know what to dress them in but I can’t confine them to our home without us all going a little crazy.

I used to be so firm on the belief that sick kids stay home. I still think that’s ideal but it’s a bit easier said than done. There are so many germs out there and snot, coughs etc aren’t always infectious. Signs of an upper respiratory tract infection could also be caused by allergies: food, plants, chemicals, smoke, dust! If kids get bored they make life difficult for me which means the house gets trashed which means we all feel worse..

I do try to confine them as much as possible anyway but I don’t enjoy it and I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing.

William is still breast-fed, which means he almost never gets badly sick. He still gets sick often because he’s still bombarded by germs (especially when we take him to the doctor to check him over, he always picks up a new illness there) but he does fight them off rather quickly. He is incredibly efficient at getting antibodies from me via my milk. If he feels himself getting a little unwell he will feed and feed and feed and feed and not much else. It stops him from getting very sick but there’s three problems with that. A) the physical drain on my body leads to me not being so good emotionally. B) Alexis starts to play up due to disappointment and frustration at the slower pace of life and the fact that William is always feeding. C) snot.

Too much dairy isn’t great for the human body when it’s sick. Think about it, dairy makes you congested and increases nasal mucous and can make coughs worse and worsens diarrhoea. Breastmilk is different to cows milk but it is still called milk. I wonder if by allowing him to feed so often I’m actually making William seem a little sicker. I know it doesn’t actually make him sicker but if it makes him snotty and that makes him uncomfortable.. Still, a little snot is better than anything serious. He’s never had a chest infection or serious cough. He’s never had diarrhoea last more than three days. He’s never had an ear infection that hasn’t cleared on it’s own within a few days. The only rash he has had is roseola and although he had hand foot and mouth disease several months ago it was hardly serious.

I’m glad I’m not having to bottle feed because I don’t have the stress of having to convince him to skip a bottle. Babies have a biological instinct to want more milk when sick. Alexis got very sick with hand foot n mouth when she was younger, just after my milk had already dried up. There was very little I could do for her. It was horrible. I wanted to just feed her but I couldn’t. She would ask for an extra bottle of milk but I had to turn her away as it gave her horrible stomach aches and burned her bottom.

Almost any sacrifice I can make to keep feeding William my milk is worth it. Political correctness be damned, I like the fact that by offering him breast milk I am supporting his immune system. I like the fact that by giving him a breastfeed I am comforting him when he is sick. I like the fact that I am feeling like I am doing something constructive even though I am sitting on my butt a lot. Oh and I have been. I actually have had a sore backside for a week because I’ve been sitting on it so often. How’s that for too much information!

I just wish we had a magical cleaning fairy to come take care of things around the house while I spent more time caring for our youngest patient. Then when William slept I could give Alexis the one on one time she craves. She is the one that misses out the most. She is usually such a low maintenance easy going child that I often take her for granted. At least with toilet training I’m less likely to forget her entirely. She had her fair share of my undivided attention before William was born though and she does understand. She’s pretty special like that.

William is still rather playful which is fantastic but inconvenient at times, especially when it’s late at night and he is feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from sucking the life out of mummy all day.

My husband took William for some man time last night while I went to sleep. It was great for me because I got up twice to the kids overnight and let Corey sleep through. It’s nice to be a team. Looking at pictures on photo stream it seems like William enjoyed himself.




He doesn’t look very sick does he? Yet he’s wheezing in my arms right now. Hopefully he recovers very soon as I have a baby niece due any day now and I want to be able to visit her. Sick kids don’t visit newborns. 🙁 Although we have belly baby’s big sister here at the moment. Haha.

Alexis is really enjoying having Izy here to play with. It’s a lovely surprise for her after all the sacrifices she’s had to make lately. We had promised we would take her to the park last weekend but ended up at the doctors with William. Alexis wasn’t too upset. She likes going to the doctors. She cried as we were leaving to come home, “no, stay a little longer!” I asked the doctor if she wanted a miniature work experience student. I think she thought I was on crack. Hehe. Alexis finds all things medical fascinating. She actually gets upset when we a few months without taking a trip to the doctors.

Funny girl. She’ll be a doctor when she grows up. Just ask her, she’ll tell you.