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Quick and cheap relief for sore throat for busy mums

Trying to ice a sore throat quickly so I can get back to sleep with minimal fuss, read before the baby realises I’m gone and wakes up…  Easy peasy.  Cut an icey pole in half and shove ‘em both in.    This is code for, hey my ice block broke in half, but always look […]


Riding the germ train

We’re caught in a bug trap again. It’s not very fun. William is the only one with any overt signs of sickness but the rest of us are tired and cranky as our immune systems struggle to keep on top of the microbiological assassins while functioning on limited, interrupted sleep. It must be a change […]


My weekend… Can’t make this stuff up

This is a general update of my weekend, mostly for family and friends who were concerned that I just might crack if I didn’t get out of the house.. While you’re here, have you got your entry in yet for my DVD giveaway? Hey-a, hey-ey-a… Hi So, I wasn’t really enjoying the whole sick kids […]


If I had a Christmas card list… Aka a selfish rant about sick kids

I wrote this a few nights ago while up most of the night with a terribly sick William. I wanted to wait awhile to see if I really wanted to post it. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I do believe though that this is something all mothers go through and thus as a […]