Proud mummy moment

Wednesday 13/6

Do ever get those moments when you’re so proud of your child that you think you just might explode if they do anything else to impress you? I had one of those this arvo.

I took Alexis and William with me to do the groceries. I just wanted a few things for dinner but did a major shop while I was there, as you do at 4:30 on state of Origin day in winter with two young kids. Nobody ever accused me of being lazy. Silly yes but lazy no.

The reason why I’m impressed with Alexis is that she walked the whole way from the car to the shop, through the shop and back to the car. Apart from a few minor times I didn’t have to chip her for running away. She either held my hand or ‘helped’ push the trolley. She didn’t even run the trolley (with William riding in the toddler seat) into anything. That said, I was holding on very tightly to the trolley just in case.

I gave her little tasks along the way to keep her interested. She found the only remaining box of William’s nappies (the correct size and everything). She insisted we buy pumpkin scones from the bakery. They are not going to taste as nice as the homemade ones she gets at church but I didn’t really see the point in arguing with her. Her only other demands: a packet of her nappies and pack of tiny teddies. I said we would get some tiny teddies when we got home if she was good.

She was an angel. William was fairly well behaved too, being an 8 month old. He bit my hands a few times. He pulled Alexis’ hair a few times. Nothing major until I tried to strap him into his carseat. Epic tantrum. Alexis had a balloon in the car. I asked if William could hold it on the trip home. “OK,” she said, “Uggy’s turn!”

I was so amazed. She’s such a sweet girl. A real gem. When she wants to be.

When we got home I gave her a packet of “bears”, which she ate at her little kiddy table. William can stand now, and he must have decided he wanted some teddies too. I heard a squabble while I had my head in the crisper putting the fruit and veg away. I was rushing over to check when I heard this mighty thump and then a blood-curdling scream.

Sure enough William was lying with the back of his head bumped against the tiles. Screaming his lungs out.

Proud mummy moment over.

I scooped William up into my arms. “Alexis, did you push William over?” I asked tentatively.
“Bears bad for Uggy.”

Well, she was right. Can’t argue with that. I didn’t let her know that though. As I knelt on the floor telling her off, William (still in my arms) reached for the “I love you” strawberry we have. It was a present from a friend who visited Malaysia. It is a big plush strawberry. When you whack it into something it says, “I love you.”

He bashed it fair into his sister’s head. “I love you!” They both burst out laughing then had a big hug.

Ahh, children, they’re awesome sometimes. This mummy is very proud.