Topsy turvy day

Wednesday 15 th was a topsy turvy day. Some good things happened, some bad things happened. All in all it balanced out so it was neither a good day nor a bad day, just an ordinary day with some extraordinary memories.

The day started with Corey waking me up. “Alexis is crying,” he said matter of factly. Normally I am the first one up to her, but I hadn’t even heard her. I was in the middle of an interesting dream. I groaned, still tired, I did not want to be up yet. I pulled myself out of be some how. After the morning feed I thought to myself, “it’s not raining!” By 8am it was already uncomfortably hot, so I thought it was a good day to do the Christmas shopping. I fed bub breakky, and chucked the washing on the line, no problems. I might have even been able to get there early enough to get a park. I finally wrangled some clothes onto Alexis and got her into the car by 10. Not too bad really. She fell asleep on the way so I decided to stop past maccas drive thru for a quick pick me up. “It will give Alexis a longer sleep,” I reasoned. I looked in my wallet. No credit card. It was still in Corey’s wallet from when I asked him to hold it a few weeks ago. I wanted to do the shopping on the card because I wanted the points. Tired and disappointed I looked at Alexis still sleeping and headed for home. I decided I would drag Corey out after work. It would be easier with an extra pair of hands.

Alexis woke on the way home. She had been quite restless the day before and I was too tired to come up with exciting new games so I thought I really should take her somewhere. I turned off at a sports ground. I thought I had seen a playground there. I was wrong but it paid off. There was an elderly gentleman flying remote control planes. I pulled up and liberated Alexis from the car seat. He flew the plane above our heads, dipping low and revving it back up high again. He performed a few tricks, much to Alexis’ delight. We walked over and thanked him for the free entertainment. We chatted for a little while and patted his old faithful dog. I would not normally approach strange men or strange dogs, especially not with a baby, but something inside me told me not to fear. I think he really enjoyed having someone to talk to for a little while. He mentioned he used to ride motor bikes and take his dog on long walks when they both were younger. Now he lets the plane explore for him. It was sad. But he seemed pretty young in spirit showing off for Alexis. She loved it. She was very upset with me when I put her back in the car!

The next few hours were fairly uneventful. Alexis had lunch, played, then had a nice long sleep while I mulled around doing things around the house. Corey rang to say his car was damaged in the hail storm. Poor little car. Not nice news. Oh well, that’s why we have insurance. He finished his working day and came home.

He was on the phone to the insurance company for a while. Another storm picked up as we were about to leave for shopping. We decided we would still go. I thought the shops were open til 9. The first shopping centre was closed so we drove to an other one. Our favourite shop was closed. We were tempted to give up and come home but we had already wasted so much time! We found a store still open and they had a huge variety of things at great prices so we were very impressed. It was a very productive shopping trip. YAY! No fights for a car park, no shopping trolley incidents, no line at the checkout. Amazing.

Alexis slept the whole way home but then woke when we got home and wouldn’t sleep til after midnight! Argh, annoying, but we three did have a lovely family play time. We could have been miserable because we were tired and wanted to go to sleep but there was no point. Plans change. Things don’t always happen the way you want them to. It’s rarely worth getting upset over. Have a look around and see what new opportunities lie just around the corner.