A good day. A long day. A fun day. So sleepy.

I had a great day today.

Playgroup was great. Alexis had a great time, actually participated in the craft and story and only fought with her little friends twice. One little fight was over cups of street chalk. I found a third cup and once I did that they weren’t interested in that anymore. Haha. Her second fight was over a doll that belonged to her friend. When we got home Alexis played happily with her own dolls.


I enjoyed playgroup too. I got to cuddle a newborn baby for ages. I love squishy newborn cuddles. Especially when you just hand them back to their mother when you’re done. I had lots of cuddles with William too but he enjoys being passed around. He is getting big enough to crawl around on the grass, eat some of the morning tea, have a swing and go down the slide too. He loves it.

He slept for close to three hours after playgroup. I was shocked. I used that time to get lunch for Alexis and I and do some work in the kitchen. I also made a shopping list because we were out of just about every consumable thing you can think of.

When William woke up I gave him a quick lunch and a quick play and then I dragged the kids shopping. Although my kids love shopping with me because I go to every effort to make it as fun as possible. I talk to the kids the entire way through, I give them things to hold and I tell Alexis things to look out for. It’s very tiring for me but I enjoy it.

I am so thankful that I was able to find a double-seat-trolley today. I had a mammoth shop over a few stores. It’s so much easier to have both kids in the trolley instead of always breaking my neck trying to check on Alexis while entertaining William while watching where I’m going while grabbing things etc etc. I let Alexis walk for a while but once William started to get restless I said she should sit in the seat to entertain William. She took that task very seriously. Their tickle fight lasted about 30 minutes!

Unpacking was tricky but I did it fine. William was happy just to be crawling around on the floor after being cooped up so long.

Then hubby cooked tacos for dinner. Yum!! A bit of a nothing post, sorry, but good to show that I do have normal days occasionally!