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A good day. A long day. A fun day. So sleepy.

I had a great day today. Playgroup was great. Alexis had a great time, actually participated in the craft and story and only fought with her little friends twice. One little fight was over cups of street chalk. I found a third cup and once I did that they weren’t interested in that anymore. Haha. […]


Proud mummy moment

Wednesday 13/6 Do ever get those moments when you’re so proud of your child that you think you just might explode if they do anything else to impress you? I had one of those this arvo. I took Alexis and William with me to do the groceries. I just wanted a few things for dinner […]


poor Mr Giraffe/don’t take good toys shopping

I wrote this on Thursday. I never ended up posting it before now because hubby said it was a little too “angsty”. A few days later though and I can look back and laugh, sort of. We did go back looking for Mr Giraffe but it was too late. I’m a little upset with myself […]


tips for enjoying grocery shopping with 2 under 2

My daughter is 2 now but I had 2 kids under 2 until very recently. I can honestly say that I enjoy grocery shopping with my kids… most of the time. We have had some horror stories I can assure you but over time I’ve “perfected” a little system that works for us. Here is […]