An acute case of noctobub

I am a qualified scientist. So I’ve been trained to make observations and question why and how things are the way they are. Seeing as I have called this blog ‘The Mother Experiment’ and not ‘ a crazy mummy’s random rambles’ (although that does sound fairly interesting maybe I should change the name?) I should get a little scientific occasionally.

Title: an acute case of noctobub
Aim: to discover why Alexis (and thus me too) has been awake since 2: 30 am or at least get her back to sleep

1) she is over excited about learning to walk
2) she has a belly ache
3) murphy’s law
a. Corey was awake until 2:30 then decided he was going to sleep and Alexis woke up.
b. I was looking forward to going to church this morning
c. I went to bed late

1. Change nappy and feed. This is usually enough to reestablish sleep
2. Cuddle and tap bottom until arms about to fall off
3. Read bedtime story. Repeat step 2.
4. Place baby on floor to observe activities. Watch for signs of walking or pooping
5. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 4.
6. Resign self to fact have to survive off two hours sleep
7. Observe sunrise
8. Attempt to write blog post. Put baby on boob to limit mischief.

Results: baby resists sleep. plays happily until I sneak out of room for five seconds. Baby does massive poop. Baby looks as though going to sleep but changes her mind. Baby falls asleep half hour before alarm due to wake us up.

Discussion: Murphy’s law seems likely. Also she did have a belly ache. I should not eat sausages (inferred from data from prior observations, foolishly ignored yesterday). It appears unlikely I will make it to church this morning. I do not agree with controlled crying although at times like this I consider researching it further. Should investigate self-settling methods although the timing is not right due to baby’s developmental changes. Everything is new and exciting for her. Home phone is going off the hook. I need to somehow convince myself to go back to sleep. I have wasted precious sleep-time blogging.

Conclusion: I am suffering from an acute case of noctobub.