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The ‘2 under 2 against 1′ experiment

Also in this series: the first two weeks AIMS – to survive a few days with hubby away while wrangling a toddler and mothering a 5-week-old- To compare- To blog METHOD- Live as normal but without Corey around at night to help – to make it authentic nobody was to come to help at night […]


The "second baby" experiment – the first two weeks

We are now in the third week of baby William’s life outside the womb. Corey is back at work, Alexis is adjusting well and I’m beginning to understand William’s different cries and noises. I’ve been hashing away at this post for most of a week. Sorry about the length but I couldn’t get my head […]


Being a scientist vs being a mum

So it's now approximately 18 months since I stepped out of the lab on maternity leave and over 6 months since I officially resigned. Sometimes I miss my work but not often. On days I do miss it I get out my glassware (pyrex) and bake. It's not that different to a PCR (multiplying DNA). […]


to spank or not to spank – is that the question?

I’ve been thinking a fair bit lately about discipline, boundaries, rules and stuff like that with regard to parenting. It overwhelms me. I don’t want to do the wrong thing. I don’t want to be too harsh with Alexis but I don’t want to let her run amuck thinking she rules the roost either. I […]