The ‘2 under 2 against 1’ experiment

Also in this series: the first two weeks

– to survive a few days with hubby away while wrangling a toddler and mothering a 5-week-old
– To compare
– To blog

– Live as normal but without Corey around at night to help
– to make it authentic nobody was to come to help at night but I could have help during the day


While Corey was away
– I filled our days with outings and visits so to limit the amount of time I actually was on my own with the kids
– Despite that Alexis decided to wake every few hours at night and it was incredibly difficult to function with the kids taking it in turns to stay up all night
– I quite possibly overdid it but I didn’t want to risk sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself
– Tuesday we went to dads for a swim and a play and it was very fun. Dad took Alexis to run some errands while William and I napped. She had a sleep in the car.
– Wednesday arvo my sister Amanda and niece Izy/Bella came over. We had water play outside and then Manda bathed the girls while I had a shower.. thank-you! She had to get dinner out of the oven for me because I was so tired.
– Thursday I was well and truly over it but fortunately I had already arranged for Aunty Monika to come over and she was amazing.
– see journal entries: sometimes it’s all too much and   back on track thanks to some help.

When Corey got home again
– Corey got home when the kids were already in bed (so was I) but Alexis went back to sleep easily at 3am when daddy put her back to bed.   
– Corey’s car wouldn’t start Friday morning so we bundled the kids in the car, dropped him off and spent the morning at my grandparents house.
– It was fun but because Alexis slept in the car on the way home I didn’t get a nap.
– thankfully mum came over in the arvo and dad picked Corey up from work.
– I actually managed to cook dinner, yay me. 

– We are all still alive
– we missed him like crazy
– 2 under 2 is always pretty chaotic but having the extra pair of hands helps
– apart from practical help having Corey here is (mostly) good for moral support
– when Corey is home I enjoy the reduced sense of responsibility (I slept deeper knowing he was home to protect us)

– I take my hat off to single mums and pray I never have to be one.
– We did survive, so I know I will be ok next time hopefully I won’t be so stressed. 
– It’s good to be organised and prepared but it’s really important to be flexible.
– Don’t expect to get too much done.
– it’s ok to ask for and/or accept help.
– Young children, even 5 week old babies (well mine anyway), know who their daddy is and miss him when he’s not around. They are unsettled when he should be home but isn’t.  

Are you enjoying my pseudo-science-style posts or are they starting to get old? Have you ever spent a few days with young kids with hubby away? Do you have any tips?

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