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Carry Me

Both my kids play hard. Really hard. They learn hard. Alexis runs hard. William learned to roll the other day and he has barely stopped since. They are on the go. They go go go go go as long as they can. They don’t like to stop. They fight it for all it’s worth. Then […]


Me and YOU Monday week 4 – rest in awe

G’day G’day I am still busy cleaning last minute bits and pieces for our inspection (as was last week’s goal). It’s not really an inspection anymore. It was going to be but the agent can’t be bothered but the owner is still coming. I find it all really weird and inconvenient and annoying but it’s just […]


Me and YOU Monday week 8 – the "meh" edition

Yes yes yes, it’s Monday again! Mondays do tend to sneak up on us don’t they. My goal for last week was to rest up. Plain and simple. Usually I start off finding my goals difficult but do OK by the end of the week. This time was different. I was ill with gastro from […]


Me and YOU Monday, week 7: a week to recover

Hi everyone, welcome to another Monday. My goal for last week was to declutter the kitchen bench and table. I failed. Not only did I not remove the original piles but the whole bench is pretty much covered in stuff now. I can honestly say that it doesn’t really bother me though. I have had an […]