Well that’s a surprise

Today I braved the shops with 2 under 3 in search of three things. Well three types of things.

1) new window shades for our car

2) basic grocery supplies

3) to pick up an order from a large department store photo department.

I had to order the window shades in, which doesn’t surprise me.

The grocery shop wasn’t too bad, which somewhat does actually surprise me but not too much.

I was accosted by a “you need to give us money for the starving children in Africa” salesman, which is not surprising. I listened to his pitch, sympathised with him, said I wished I could help everybody but unfortunately right now I can’t. He was not impressed, which is not surprising. He tried to trick me into giving him my details “you don’t pay until next month!” I said, “thank you for your time but my husband and I have a policy never to sign up for things in a shopping centre. Please give me your details and I’ll talk to him and contact you later.” He didn’t go for that, which is not surprising. I then felt guilty for not doing more to help the starving children around the world, which doesn’t surprise me either.

So what was the surprise?

Well I went to the big department store photo department to pick up my order and was given this.


A very very beautiful photo calendar that I made last year. That’s right, a 2012 calendar. SURPRISE!!! Alexis thought it was great. “It’s me Lexi!” Wasn’t she gorgeous!

I had ordered multiples for various family members last year. I could have sworn I had ordered one more than I was given. Unfortunately one family member had to miss out.

Well here it is.

Rather surprising indeed.

I did pick up a parcel for this year too. I’m about to inspect it. I’m going to count and inspect rather carefully.

What is the strangest thing you have ever picked up?