Her favourite thing at the themepark was people-watching

We slept in this morning til 9 am. Sounds good doesn’t it. We were up at 4 am and I didn’t get Alexis back to sleep until 5:30, but nevertheless we went back to sleep until almost 9 am, and that is very rare indeed. When we woke up I noticed it was sunny, more importantly it was NOT RAINING!!! So I, filled with excitement, suggested we go to seaworld. We have wanted to go for some time and thought it would be a shame to waste a lovely day on post-Christmas cleanup. We have done very little since Christmas eve, so the piles of things to do was slightly overwhelming. Corey, not wanting to waste his holidays, agreed with me 100%. He looked on the radar, said it looked like a little bit of rain, just enough to scare the tourists away but not enough to bother us too much. We would just go into the covered stadiums to watch the shows if it rained heavily.

We then tried to decide whether we would take the pram or not, because you can’t take prams into the stadiums. We considered stopping off to buy a cheap umbrella stroller, but we’re not sure if they are safe enough, and considering Alexis can’t lie down to sleep in one, there wasn’t an awful lot of point. We decided we would take the pram and just leave it outside when we to went to shows because it needs a good wash anyway. Then I looked in the kitchen.

We had no clean dummies, no cooled boiled water, and no bottles to put that non-existent water in. “Its ok,” said Corey, we’ll just have to do the dishes before we go”. Just do the dishes. That simple hey? First we would have to move all the piles of rubble to remember where we hid the kitchen sink. It was going to be midday before we got there. It just wasn’t worth the drive. The clouds were darkening by this stage too. “Let’s just clean up the house today and go first thing tomorrow” I said. Corey agreed but was cleary disappointed.

He kept trying to convince me to go. “You go, I’m tired,” I said. That didn’t go down well. Alexis was particularly cute, exploring and monkeying around. I tried a different approach, “she won’t tolerate being cooped up in the car for hours then in the pram all day.” “Well then we’ll take her to the water park there,” he said. I replied with “but you have to pay extra for that, and what will we do with the pram?” Then Corey had a stroke of genius, “lets go to wet n wild instead”. It was a great idea. It’s closer and there’s places for her to roam. So we did. No, I am not being paid to write this, I wish I was, hehe, but I’m not. We did have a really good day.

Getting ready still wasn’t without drama. We still had to wash up. We also had to get our togs together. Corey grabbed the togs off the airer and shoved them in a bag while I had a shower. I’m not entirely sure why I insisted on having a shower, probably because I can’t think clearly until I’ve had one. I decided it would be more practical to wear my togs down. Good thing I did, as there were no tog bottoms in the bag, and neither was my rash shirt. I am not a bikini kind of girl, so I frantically searched the house for it. Corey was apologetic, but he said all I asked him to do was get the things off the airer. It wasn’t there. He was right. I just wanted to know where it was by now, as I actually like it and was quite expensive. Everything else from our Christmas day swim was there, so I called my parents to see if I’d left it there and my sister to see if it had ended up with their stuff by mistake. After about 10 calls backwards and forwards and searching the car, the house, and even inside the couches, the whereabouts of my rashy remains a mystery.

I had a snack (food calms me down), settled on the least indecent tankini from my skinnier, smaller, pre-baby-feeding days, and we headed off.

The first thing I did when we got there was buy a rashy. Ok that was the second thing, the first thing was realise how cold it was. We got Alexis dressed, got ourselves organised, and hit the baby pool. It was freezing! You’d think the baby pool would be heated. We had fun, until she turned blue, then moved on to the wave pool. Well Corey and Alexis did, I stood outside like Tommy Tourist because the lifeguard wouldn’t let me take our waterproof camera in.

That was fun til the wave cycle stopped. Then I sat with Alexis minding a table while Corey fetched lunch. It started raining. It was cold and horrible so I fed Alexis to keep her occupied while we waited. It really is awesome to carry a tap or two with me. After she devoured her fish and the inside of some chips we weren’t sure whether to give up and go home or try calypso bay. The rain stopped, the sun came out, yay! So we started walking.

On the way to Calypso Bay we received smiles and compliments from strangers along the path. “She’s so cute,” they’d say. One lady stopped us so that her daughter could say hello to the “pretty baby”. It’s a bit random, but it’s something we’ve grown familiar with. I don’t know if it’s her physical appearance or her personality, or people say it about all babies, but it happens frequently. Alexis plays up to it, smiling and waving and playing peekaboo as we walk along. She was very happy in daddy’s arms watching people walking by as if they were there just for her people-watching pleasure.

Alexis loved Calypso Bay. We put her in a special tube for babies that a has no hole so she couldn’t fall out. We kept a hold of her tube but she had her own independence. She sat up high waving to teenage girls, children, even grown men. She can get a smile out of anyone. When she is older this will be inappropriate, but for now, we are happy for our little treasure to brighten up the days of strangers.

Eventually it was time to come home. She slept the whole way. Corey had a nap when we got home. I stayed awake with a very mischievous baby, refreshed from her deep sleep in the car. She has been getting into mischief for a few hours now and just fallen asleep. I hope she sleeps well tonight, she has tired me out! I’m glad we went, but the inevitable post-christmas cleanup awaits me tomorrow. It laughs at me, “haha you cannot avoid me forever!”