wiggly baby

I can feel my baby moving inside me already. I have for about a week or so but I second guessed myself because it is so early in the pregnancy. I am only 12 weeks, and the “experts” say you can’t feel the baby til about 18 weeks. I am absolutely certain though that what I’m feeling is indeed my little cherub moving around.

I forgot how awesome this feels.

I’m having one of those golden moments at the moment. I’m feeding my daughter and she has just fallen asleep. She is snuggling up to me, her head resting gently in the crook of my arm. Her little brother or sister is moving around as if they are trying to say hello. It’s precious.

My daughter slept in this morning and the baby was incredibly active inside me, as if trying to say “come on mummy wake sissy up its time to play”. Baby also responds well to storytime and grooves along to the wiggles. According to the experts baby’s ears don’t work yet, but it certainly seems as if they do. Maybe baby picks up on my excitement? Or maybe the experts are wrong? Or maybe the experts are usually right but my baby is special just like his/her big sister, who is also quite advanced. Their daddy is pretty clever, so they just might be.