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Sometimes it’s all too much (being mum and dad to 2 under 2)

Sitting here, still, exhausted. Silent tears roll down my eyes, defying my will to stay strong. I have had enough. 4 days and 3 nights of no more than 4 hours sleep (and never more than 2 hrs at a time) hits hard. Mastitis-like stabbing pain in my breast hurts like fire. But seeing my […]


what a dummy

Happy Wordless Wednesday. Playing along with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith, Hope and a Whole Lotta Love.


I doubt you’re in labour -> oh there’s his head in 5 mins

A few people have asked me to write my labour/birth story. This post took me days to write because a) I got interrupted a lot and b) the memories made the afterbirth pain seem worse. It’s not a well-written post. It flicks between past and present tense. It’s long. I haven’t edited it. It’s too […]


Oh that’s right, I’m pregnant

I’m really feeling pregnant now. I have known I am pregnant since baby Wormy had only been there a few short weeks, and I’ve felt him moving since I was only 12 week and I’ve had random aches and pains for months, and I’ve been looking pregnant for quite some time, but now I really […]