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10 tips for trips to the park with 2 under 3

I slept so deeply from 9:30pm that when William woke at midnight I could hardly move to get up to him. I got him back to sleep within about half an hour but I am still awake. Don’t you hate that? I know I’m not alone on this one. He has to start sleeping through […]


Fun on the farm

A definite perk of being a ‘stay at home’ mum is having the freedom to take the kids out for the day. Oh the irony. On Friday I took my kids to see my grandparents. They have a hobby farm so it is always quite an adventure. Nanna also has a wonderful array of delicious […]


Couldn’t have done it without ‘Grr Grr’!

The other morning I was dawdling a bit, unsure of whether I was going to take the kids to playgroup or not, when I received a phone call from my dad. “Hi Karls, I’m in the area, just wondering if you need some help with playgroup today?” “Yes please! We’re at a park today.” So […]


Fighting off the winter blues – big fun in the sun

I’ve been doing pretty well lately and the weather’s been pretty good (until Tuesday) so we’ve been making the most of it. Sunshine and exercise improves my mood, tires the kids out and gives us fun memories. I’ve also been reading the bible every day and praying heaps so that’s been helping heaps. I’ve been […]