Mummy needs sleep

William, darling, mummy is going to explain this to you one more time. Mummy is nicer to you if you let her sleep. It’s a fact of life darling.

I think that by now you are starting to realise that mummy isn’t a superhero. I think you are beginning to realise that sometimes mummy is fun, nice, happy and has lots of energy to play with you but at other times mummy is cranky, mopey, sore and tired. This might seem a little confusing to you but baby man it’s actually very simple. Mummy needs sleep.

If you keep mummy up at night or wake mummy up too many times throughout the night then I lose my ability to keep my eyes open. If you are then very needy throughout the day too then mummy starts to feel very drained. You might think that mummy is very mean if she doesn’t drop everything to pick you up, cuddle you, feed you, sit there holding you up so you can practice standing, or help you in whatever way you want. Baby boy please know that mummy loves you but mummy is a person too.

William darling, it might come as a shock to you but mummy likes to have some time away from you occasionally. This is not because mummy doesn’t love you. It’s actually because mummy loves you so much that mummy wants to be the best mummy she can be. To be the best mummy she can be mummy needs to have breaks to rest, recharge, refocus, and realise that you are such a wonderful baby. When mummy gets a chance to miss you then the cuddles mummy gives when she gets back are much better. Do you understand?

When mummy goes out and leaves you with daddy and sissy please try to be nice to them. If you are tired and cranky then go to sleep. If you can’t go to sleep on your own then let daddy help. It’s not kind to give daddy such a hard time that he feels he has to call mummy and make her come home early. It is not nice for daddy, it is not nice for mummy and it is not nice for you. Daddy was looking forward to a nice night with you and you missed out. Mummy missed out on her plans. You still had to go to sleep. Nobody wins in that situation darling. Nobody.

Little man I know it can be scary for you to learn that mummy doesn’t exist purely to give you booby. Mummy loves to give you booby but sometimes if mummy isn’t home and you decide that you absolutely must have some milk then you will have to have a bottle. When you refuse a bottle and daddy gets upset and makes mummy come home early to feed you and then you fall asleep without even feeding properly it makes mummy and daddy seriously consider taking your booby away and making you have bottles all the time. That’s a pretty harsh thing for mummy to think about because mummy knows how much you love the booby. Mummy loves it too but not every hour of the day and every second hour at night.

It isn’t your fault that mummy has been either pregnant or breastfeeding for three years now. Mummy tries to remember that you are only six months old. You deserve the same treatment as your sister. Mummy isn’t as patient as she used to be. Mummy has to juggle a two year old as well this time darling. Unfortunately having to share mummy is just something you have to learn to deal with because you are the youngest.

William darling, mummy will always love you and mummy wants what is best for you but sometimes mummy needs a break and sweetheart mummy really needs more sleep. Mummy knows you are capable of sleeping through the night. Sometimes you sleep through a full 10 hour stretch and mummy is so proud but it seems to make it even harder when you are up every few hours the following night. Mummy doesn’t understand. Can you please try really hard to sleep more consistently?

William, darling boy, mummy needs to remember that you are only six months old. Sometimes mummy forgets due to you crawling and saying so many words. You are so advanced in so many ways that perhaps mummy is too hard on you at times. I think that sometimes though you just try to play mummy because you can. You know that when you say, “mummumm,” in a whingey voice mummy comes running and when you say, “boob boob” daddy tells mummy to feed you and when you say, “bubba” we know you want more attention. Darling, it is great that you are learning to communicate. Please realise though that mummy is starting to think you are just saying words because you can and won’t be swooping in to grab you every time. Don’t be upset by this. If you really do need mummy then mummy will know.

image         I’m hoping to get a tiny bit of sympathy today from Jess and the gang who blog on Tuesdays. Head over to Diary of a SAHM to play along.