Day to day discoveries

Alexis and I have just been chilling at home this week. She’s getting over her cold so I didn’t want to drag her out in the rain and risk it flaring up again. The Christmas shopping can wait, the santa photos can wait, the groceries can wait. We’ve had fun at home. My dad came on Monday to amuse Alexis while I caught up on some sleep. Thanks dad! He also managed to do some dishes and things like that to help out. So handy. I’m so blessed to have very supportive parents. Alexis adores them. I don’t know what I’d do without them sometimes.
I then decided to clean my washing machine (gross!), that’s a story on its own.
Even being housebound, everyday has its challenges and rewards. Sure I’m not finding a cure for cancer, saving animals or saving orphans, but I’m learning new things and facing fears on a day by day, our sometimes hourly basis. Yesterday I gave Alexis a bath all by myself for the first time. I also tackled phone calls to the electricity and phone companies and the real estate. No big deal for most but for those who know me this is a big step.
I then rearranged the lounge room and vacuumed the floor with Alexis chasing the vacuum cleaner, hilarious.

Today is also looking to be a big day. For breakfast we gave Alexis peanut butter for the first time, which was a great success. She loved it, and had no bad reactions to it. We didn’t think she would but with all the publicity about peanut allergies it’s not something to be taken lightly. After that she: explored every inch of the empty loungeroom (new couches being delivered sometime today), pulled the toilet paper off the roll, screamed at me like I’m a monster for not letting her chew on the toilet seat, played hide and seek under the kitchen table, thought I was so lame for not letting her climb into the dishwasher, emptied an entire kitchen cupboard piece by piece then chewed on each item one by one, refused to lie down for me to change her nappy, tried to jump off the change table, pulled the photo frames off the entertainment unit and knocked the video camera off the coffee table. A very successful and highly entertaining day, and its only 10 am. I hope she has a nice long morning nap so I can clean up ready for round two.
This is such a fun stage of development. She is discovering new things each and every day. Every minute is an opportunity for adventure. I feel so privileged to be able to share her days with her, sharing her excitement and frustration, sharing her joy.