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funny things kids do #3: bring random "treasures" to the toilet

It’s time for a light-hearted post. I have a few posts with “funny things kids do” in the tags, but this is the third one actually titled “funny things kids do”. The first one is sleep in random places and the second is poo in random places. This third one has been in the making […]


Nothing is sacred

From the early weeks of pregnancy it becomes painfully apparent that your life is no longer your own. This small living thing takes over your body so it is no longer your own. The tiny miracle causes incredible sickness and as he or she grows your body is stretched beyond comfort. Your belly itches. Your […]


If you can’t beat them…

If you can't beat them join them, so they say. I am of course referring to the word beat meaning to defeat, subdue, overcome, overpower. I don't mean to strike with violent force with intention to cause harm. Then again I obviously can't do that either… Another interesting night worth blogging about. I wish in […]


A massively long post about a massively long day

*holds nose and tries so hard not to vomit.* So THAT'S WHY she wouldn't sleep. Ever have one of those days where your little one won't have a sleep but they look tired. They act tired, running around but falling over randomly. You know they need a sleep. You try what usually works. (At this […]