Do you seriously expect me to eat this gunk?


As I mentioned in 'Sometimes we need a little stupid', we gave William his first tastes of solids on Sunday.

He has been grabbing at food on our plates for weeks. He's been babbling away to Alexis for weeks in secret code for "feed me some of that I'm starving". He is quite intrigued with watching us eat. He gets excited when Alexis eats ice cream or lollies or nuggets or pasta or sandwiches or pear or grapes or peas or pretty much anything.

On Sunday I was fed up with feeding all the time so we thought we would give him a go. He is only four months old so we tried him with a tiny bit of farex made on my milk. That's what the recommendation is to start on these days. Queensland health says to wait til 6 months but I didn't think that was ever going to happen.

William was so excited when Corey put him in the highchair and put a bib on him. He was pretty excited seeing the big bright packet coming out of the cupboard. He was interested while we were mixing it up. He smiled with amusement as the spoon came up to his lips. He tried it. He wasn't impressed. He gave it a second chance and he burst into tears.

His face said it all, "you seriously don't expect me to eat this junk do you?" He kept crying until we got him out and he got his precious booby feed. We've tried three times now and it's been pretty much the same.

I'm glad, relieved and honoured that he enjoys breastfeeding so much. I'm happy to keep going until at least his first birthday. It's nice to feel useful and breastfeeding is so convenient.

My question is now we've started with solids do we keep going or do we say, "he's not ready" and wait a few weeks? There's every possibility he doesn't like farex, I mean, have you tasted it? It's very very bland but that's the point.

Alexis never ate it plain once she tasted her second food but she did at least tolerate farex initially. When we started her there was no denying that she was ready. We didn't start her til 5 months, maybe the extra month made the difference. Maybe she was just a big eater.  She chowed down on fruit and vegetables like a fully grown man. She has a sweet tooth now though which is possibly due to being given sweet potato as her first 'real' food but more likely due to her being a 2 year old.

I'm not sure whether to offer William something else or wait a bit longer. He seemed so keen a few weeks ago but I made him wait. Maybe he was growing then and my milk has caught up. He doesn't really need solids, he's thriving on boob juice, but I'm a bit excited about including him in family meals and feeding a little less. It'd be awesome if feeding him solids allowed him to sleep through the night (I can dream) but I'm told that's an old wives tale.   
He's still so little. We both love feeding. There's no tearing hurry. I just don't want to withhold good things from him. It's easier to keep him away from food and not have to go back to pureeing and a hundred little containers filling my freezer. It's lovely to guard the precious breastfeeding bond with him too. I don't want to hold him back though.

I guess time will tell. He will let us know what he wants. The problem is he wants icecream and cheeseburgers and chips and waterbottles and feet and bed sheets and human fingers. Hmmm.

What's your experience with starting babies on solids?