Babychinos at the beach

A week before Christmas we packed some bags (while William the conqueror hunted his own breakfast) packed the car and set off to the beach for a few days. We were home in time for Christmas, we just went up for a quick visit.

It was fun. It was a lot of work but it was fun. It was a fully self-contained unit so we had to take our own towels and sheets but fortunately we were mooching off my parents so they took care all the food and kitchen stuff and bath mats and tea towels and laundry stuff and all the other things you take for granted at home.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed staying in the same unit as Nanna and grandad. Nanna and grandad enjoyed it too, even if they did find it a little tiring at times. The pitter latter of little feet finding their way in for cuddles at 5am is kind of cute and yet it’s not something I think I’ll miss once my children grow up. Corey and I enjoyed having Nanna and Grandad (who Alexis decided to call GooGoo now) there to help that’s for sure.

The first morning Alexis snuck in with my parents quite early and Corey was still sleeping peacefully so when William woke an hour or so later I didn’t want him to wake them all up. So I chucked on some daggy but decent clothes off the floor , found some shoes, wrestled some shoes onto William and grabbed some muffins and bananas and a water bottle before racing out the door.

My parents had hired a pram and locked it safely in the garage but I struggled to open the door with him on my hip and when I put him down he cried. To escape the echoey stair well I simply carried him.. All the way to the beach. It’s not far at all, unless you have a squirmy William in your arms, it’s before breakfast and it’s 6am.

So I plonked him and myself and our picnic at the first bench I found, which just happened to be at the local park where we’d been hanging the evening before. I love the fact that my son was more interested in the breakfast I had ‘prepared’ than the beckoning sandpit and swings. Hey I had prepared the breakfast really as I had baked the muffins at home and brought them with us. I thought they would come in handy as in deed they did.


Before long my dad had woken and stumbled out for a walk himself. He said watching William having his little picnic breakfast with me was ridiculously cute and he wished he had brought his camera to get photos from the top of the hill. It would’ve been nice. I don’t need photos to remember it though but I took some of my own anyway.

Dad then escorted us to a beachside cafe where he ordered a coffee for him and a tea for me. “Can you do a babychino for the little fella please?” I asked. They sure did. I thought babychinos were meant to be just frothy milk but this one was an actual hot chocolate, complete with marshmallow. William was not content until he had successfully fished out the marshmallow and devoured it. We were making memories that’s for sure.


I’m so glad Grandad was there to enjoy the fun… And to carry William back across the beach and up the hill!

When we returned Alexis was awake and slightly disappointed at missing out. I promised I would take her out for a special date the next morning.

True to my word I did.


We had the best time at the park before strolling leisurely to the cafe. We were then phoned by Corey. Apparently William had woken just after I had left with Alexis. After the excitement of the day before he had not wanted to miss out. So I ordered a babychino for William, an iced chocolate for Corey and another babychino for Alexis so she wouldn’t be bored while waiting for William to drink his. Except it turns out Alexis didn’t want her original babychino let alone another. So William got 3! Don’t worry, he spilt most of all of them.

Then Corey got to play hero on the way home.


Before long he changed his tune and made them both walk up the hill. Corey had Alexis’ hand, Alexis had William’s hand and William had my hand. I wish someone had taken a photo of that!

It was a great holiday. I’ll probably write some more about it sometime soon.