Her and YOU Monday(?)

Hi guys.

Last Monday I wrote this post and I’ve decided that’s going to be my goal for like the next oh I don’t know, 50 years or so. That would get boring pretty quick to read about on a weekly basis.

I also, surprise surprise, am finding it difficult to fit in time to blog. I want to blog but I want to blog for fun when I get time and not have an agenda. I am going to keep up with the 52 week simplify your life challenge at Home Life Simplified and apart from that just do a little bit here and there.

So Me and You Monday is being handed over to the lovely Rhianna at A Parenting Life. Rhianna has been, by far, the most active participant of Me and YOU Monday since it’s inception and she has some wonderful success stories to share. Rhianna has agreed to take it from me for a little while, and depending on how she goes with it we’ll work out whether I hand the reins over permanently or take it back or if she changes it to something else and makes it her own. Time will tell. For now, if you have been thinking of joining up or you have been joining up then “A parenting life” is the place to go. Who knows I might even link up a post occasionally 😉

Thanks, Karlee