Nice to have him home

My husband has just spent most of a week away for work… Again… When he was away two weeks ago I relished the alone time but two trips so close together really took its toll on the kids.

Alexis missed him the most. She is daddy’s little girl. She watches tv with him, cuddles him, reads stories with him, swims with him, has tickle fights with him and talks to him. When he was away this time he was overseas so we couldn’t talk on the phone for long and we couldn’t Skype. It was really difficult for all of us but especially Alexis.

William missed his daddy too. In William’s eyes Corey is the one who baths him, gives him toast and keeps Alexis out of his hair while I’m feeding him. I missed Corey too. For many reasons. I missed intelligent conversation and cuddles and help with the kids and I hated listening to the kids going “dad dad dad dad dad” all day and night.

He got home just before bedtime yesterday. So sometime before midnight this little blonde bundle plonked herself in prime position.


He had to go to work today so I had to wait until tonight to put him to work for me.



Mmmmmm. It’s nice to have him home.