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I cook you clean?

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I would personally think there are easier ways to get a guy’s attention but it doesn’t exactly hurt to try something new in the kitchen occasionally. When Corey and I were first married I worked very hard in a busy pathology lab. I […]


Nice to have him home

My husband has just spent most of a week away for work… Again… When he was away two weeks ago I relished the alone time but two trips so close together really took its toll on the kids. Alexis missed him the most. She is daddy’s little girl. She watches tv with him, cuddles him, […]


Subtle differences in gender

There’s nothing like getting married and having kids to cement the notion that men are from mars. They just don’t think like us. That’s not a bad thing. Some men might argue that their wives spend too much time on Uranus. We don’t like to nag, really. Well maybe just a little. Really we just […]


My weekend… Can’t make this stuff up

This is a general update of my weekend, mostly for family and friends who were concerned that I just might crack if I didn’t get out of the house.. While you’re here, have you got your entry in yet for my DVD giveaway? Hey-a, hey-ey-a… Hi So, I wasn’t really enjoying the whole sick kids […]