A blistery Easter

Easter Saturday

We had an alarm set for 8 am to remind us to call the doctors to make an  appointment for all three of us. That's what they told us to do when we were there Thursday night. When Corey rang they said they were full. He pulled the whole "my wife is pregnant and she and our young daughter are sick" card and it worked on the receptionist. It usually does.    

Initially (Thursday night) the idea was that Alexis and I were likely to be on the mend and we had to check if Corey was likely to be contagious or not. All being well we could still do the family Easter Sunday.  That was the plan until we spotted little blister-like spots on Alexis' feet last night. So we wanted an appointment make sure it wasn't Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (Coxsakie virus). I have cuts on the inside of my mouth which could be the same thing but maybe I did have Strep but the antibiotics weren't working.  We aren't doctors. So we went to see the pro.

The doctor was only 10 mins late, amazing! The doctor on duty was our normal doctor. Our medication-is-last-resort keep-an-eye-on-her doctor.  When we went in I showed her Alexis' feet."Could this be Hand Foot n Mouth?" I asked. The doctor said yes it looked like it. HFMD is a virus, antibiotics don't help. All they do is give babies a belly ache and runny poo which doesn't help when HFMD can also cause bad nappy rash. I asked if she had even had tonsilitis at all and she said she didn't know. Basically her instructions were to take her home and "observe how she goes". All we can really do is give her panadol and nurofen for the pain. Her digestive system is so mucked up we are only giving her nurofen when we have to. She said to stick with the antibiotics for a few more days to avoid antibiotic resistance (of any nasty bacteria that have been exposed to the drugs but not killed yet) then stop. 

I asked what was up with Corey and I then and she said "it looks viral" but apparently not HFMD. More "just rest and see how you go". I would have thought it would be more likely we all had the same pathogen as eachother but apparently not. Not that it really matters when there's little treatment options if its viral but it would be nice to know what we're up against.  Alexis' foot sores are very mild at this stage they aren't weepy. They could be insect or grass allergies from playing outside. I'm allergic to grass. Maybe we're quarantining ourselves for nothing. 

Why do doctors not order appropriate diagnostic tests these days? When I go in with a real problem they either prescribe antibiotics willy-nilly or say go home and rest. According to Wikipedia (hehe) there's a rapid Streprococcal antigen test doctors can do in five minutes. If doc #1 had done that Thursday evening that might have saved a lot of trouble. Or he could have sent me for a bloodtest or swab. No tests are offered. Yet they spam me with "why have you not had your 12 week nuchal translucency ultrasound or blood tests for chromosomal abnormalities?". I explain that I will be having this baby even if there is some "deformity", "disorder", "syndrome" or something like that so I don't require their tests. Yet they won't find out what is infecting my young toddler or my pregnant self. I would have thought ensuring it wasn't harmful to my unborn child would be a priority. I don't understand doctors these days, I really don't.            

Was the first doctor wrong or was the second doctor or did Alexis have both but the Strep was healed? I guess we'll never know. All I know is that our little girl is sick and in pain and there's not a thing I can really do. It cuts like a knife.  It hurts more than these sores in my throat.

Has this messed up my Easter. No. It gives me an opportunity to see it through new eyes.  I can't stand watching my little one have blisters and an ouchy mouth. How, pray tell, did Mary and Joseph watch what happened to Jesus on that dreadful day all those years ago. How did God watch His Son go through all that without intervening. I have no choice but to watch Alexis suffer, I can't solve anything. God, on the other hand, could have stopped what was happening to Jesus with a single breath, but He didn't. So could have Jesus but He obeyed. See they had a plan to save the world from sin and He knew Jesus would be victorious and rise again. He has the victory over sin, pain, suffering, death, darkness, evil. He did it for everyday sinners. He did it for you. He did it for Alexis. He did it for me. 

"By His wounds we are healed".

"How deep the Father's love for us" indeed.