This one time, at band camp

I wrote this early yesterday morning but didn’t get time to finish it off.

I haven’t even seen any of the American Pie movies and I don’t really intend to but I do get people saying, “this one time, at band camp,” to me fairly often. You see, I have my own band camp story. When people hear it they think it is hilarious to annoy me with that line. Ok, whatever…

I went to band camp quite a lot as a teenager. I had high school music camps, advanced music camps, even a two week stay playing music in Osaka, Japan. To say I was a bit of a music nerd would be a bit of an understatement. I was very quiet and a bit of a goody-goody at school so people found it odd that I was more relaxed on camps. I let my hair down so to speak but never did anything too crazy. I have no inappropriate stories to share, thank goodness, but I do have something that will forever tie me to “band camp” just a little bit.

My husband.

“So, when did you two start going out?”
“high school band camp”
“haha this one time, at band camp.”

Yes very funny, laugh it up.

Eight years ago, to the date, Corey asked me “do you wanna go out with me?” and I said, “umm, yeah. ok.” Now here we are.

It is a cute story. We were disco bowling when he asked me. He even let me win. Then he held my hand on the walk back to camp despite everyone teasing us. We were so young. So cute. So absolutely terrified. Ha ha ha.

I had a bit of warning he was going to ask me out. He had crash tackled me during touch football the day before. Or did I crash tackle him? Maybe both. It’s funny because initially we were on the same team… The night after that he had promised to take me to the formal. Yes he was definitely a smoothy.