The end-of-the-month anniversary challenge

Have you seen my stuck on you personalised Christmas book review and giveaway yet?

Four years ago I got my hair done, got my make-up done, wore a rather expensive dress and carried a rather heavy costly bouquet of lillies. I walked down an isle while people stared at me before being given away to a man who I promised to serve all the days of my life.

It wasn’t hard to do.

Who could say no to this face?


I promised to love him, be open and honest with him, cherish him and be with him for ever and ever no matter what. Plus a whole bunch of stuff I kinda forgot.

There was no thing about making him food or carrying and birthing his kids or cleaning his house or not getting jealous when he goes off and does fun things but it was all kind of implied. When you love someone you do what you can to make them happy.

So for our fourth anniversary I wanted to do something special. A soppy loved up blog post wouldn’t really cut it, I did that last year. Unfortunately being the time of year it is and time of pay cycle it is the budget was pretty much non-existent.

He got to buy me a lovely shining diamond and precious-metal-based present because he got it last week, before our refrigerator died on Sunday. Whilst I’m sure Corey loves our shiny new fridge I don’t think it’s particularly romantic to say that’s his present, even if it is stainless steel.

I’ve been trying to feed the household off the dregs from the freezer and fridge. Very slim pickings. I really could have gone to the supermarket to buy something specific for dinner but a) when the kids ask for other things it’s so stressful and I wasn’t in the mood b) I’m trying to not be wasteful and teach them that too c) when I was emptying the fridge and freezer on Sunday I realised just how much stuff we had bought but not used and I vowed to myself to start using some of it d) I was actually very interested and up to the challenge. My kitchen rules, the housewife end-of-the-month-scrounge-up-edition. e) actually I had to be home to wait for a tradesman anyway.

So in the freezer I had: frozen berries, cookie dough (handmade), frozen chips, frozen peas, ice cream, processed fish, four sausages, puff pastry, frozen corn, spaghetti bolognaise I had stashed for a rainy day and ice. In the fridge I had: sweet potato, carrot, a tiny amount of lettuce, suspect potatoes, some leftover cooked chicken breast, bread, a small amount of cheese, a tiny amount of tomato sauce, a quarter or a bottle of honey soy marinade, a few eggs, juice, lemonade, water, an empty jar of cream cheese, some teething toys and some antiseptic burn cream.

My self-imposed challenge: to make a nice anniversary dinner. Oven cooked processed fish n frozen chips with frozen peas wasn’t gonna cut it. I’m going to serve that tonight though. 😉 Thanking God for having so much leftover even when we had “nothing”, I asked for guidance on how to best use the plenty that we really had.

So with hubby at work, expecting to come home to spaghetti bolognaise from a Tupperware container from goodness knows when, I decided to be tricky.

Step one: wash, peel, chop and steam some veggies.
Step two: shred chicken.
Step three: marinate chicken. Cover. Chuck back in fridge.
Step four: defrost 2 sheets pastry. Cut in half diagonally.
Step five: spoon chicken into centre of pastry triangles and wrap up into smaller triangular prism things.
Step six: egg wash.
Step seven: put them in the oven. (Ok step 3.5 is preheat oven. Haha.)



Step eight: decide chicken pastries look too good to waste on finicky toddlers so defrost some sausages and cook them for the children.

As for dessert, well, hubby didn’t particular enjoy them but the kids and I devoured them, I thought they were delicious.

They’re simply cookie dough rolled flat, cut with a scone cutter, then topped with berries and sprinkled with icing sugar before being baked. I will be making them again. Hubby wants me to make his without berries next time. The conversation went like this. Me: “but then it’s not dessert it’s just a biscuit.” Hubby: “with icing sugar.”


At least he loved his dinner! He couldn’t stop raving about the chicken parcels. I’m so glad.

His face wasn’t quite so impressive as when he saw me walking down the isle four years ago but it was still a pretty good face. Surprise, happiness and a hint of “I’m such a lucky guy.”


It makes it all worthwhile.

Happy anniversary babe.