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The end-of-the-month anniversary challenge

Have you seen my stuck on you personalised Christmas book review and giveaway yet? Four years ago I got my hair done, got my make-up done, wore a rather expensive dress and carried a rather heavy costly bouquet of lillies. I walked down an isle while people stared at me before being given away to […]


This one time, at band camp

I wrote this early yesterday morning but didn’t get time to finish it off. I haven’t even seen any of the American Pie movies and I don’t really intend to but I do get people saying, “this one time, at band camp,” to me fairly often. You see, I have my own band camp story. […]


Hug an Ug

Babies are wonderful to hug aren’t they? When life seems unfair or overwhelming there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a baby. Babies ooze love, joy, acceptance and hope. Until they pee on you, vomit on you, poop on you, pull your hair, scratch your face, scream in your ear, or latch their fingers onto […]


Some things are too valuable to miss

Us mothers place a lot of guilt on ourselves don't we. I doubt you'd find a mother who said they had done everything perfectly. We all have things we wish we could change, things we wish we could take back and things we wish we had done. Many mothers feel they have missed out on […]