‘Tis the season

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year again.

– Tis the shopping to be sweaty
– Tis the season to invest in extra water bottles
– Tis the season when pouring a bottle of cold water over a child’s head is perfectly acceptable
– Tis the season to spray eachother with the garden hose
– Tis the season when people with swimming pools experience a sudden surge in popularity
– Tis the season for wearing as little as possible

-Tis the season to use the aircon (bugger the cost!) or go to places that have it
– Tis the season to hate shopping because everyone has the same idea
– Tis the season to detest Jingle Bells

– Tis the season of clear blue skies during the day but it’s too hot to go to the park
– Tis the season to tie down outdoor furniture at night
– Tis the season when the lawn needs mowing again after a few days

– Tis the season that junkmail floods lawns
– Tis the season to hide credit cards
– Tis the season to start paying off Christmas laybys

– Tis the season to lie to small children
– Tis the season to bribe small children

–  Tis the season that ice cream becomes its own food group
– Tis the season to buy mangos, grapes, watermelon, plums, apricots and peaches
– Tis the season when fruit becomes an acceptable lunch and salad an acceptable dinner
– Tis the season to BBQ
– Tis the season to curse things with wings and six legs

– Tis the season to lie awake at night unable to sleep
– Tis the season when “see you when the sun comes up” means you are giving your children permission to wake up at 4:30am
– Tis the season when toddlers refuse a day sleep
– Tis the season when you can’t really blame them because it’s so humid
-Tis the season to ease up on TV time limits because it’s too hot during the middle of the day to do much else
– Tis the season to bath the kids several times a day

– Tis the season kids go feral
– Tis the season to encourage school teachers to persevere because its only a few more weeks until their giant holidays

– Tis the season to designate time for each obligatory yule-time gathering
– Tis the season to try to convince small children to colour in print-outs and be amused at why they want nothing but to “draw” at home but refuse to do it at playgroup/church/Sunday school
– Tis the season to practice “oh it’s lovely, thankyou”

– Tis the season to start wondering where all the Christmas stuff got shoved last time it was packed up
– Tis the season to start wondering where to fit the Christmas tree
– Tis the season to realise we have far too much stuff
– Tis the season to alternate between thinking “I don’t think we will bother putting the tree up this year” and “ooh can we put the tree up now, I can’t wait til 1st December”

– Tis the season to remember the little baby born in the manger
– Tis the season to thank God for sending Jesus to us
– Tis the  season to think about how much it must have hurt a virgin to give birth (come on, I doubt I’m the only one who has felt sorry for Mary when thinking about it..  carrying, birthing and raising the Messiah would have been a huge honour but OUCH!!!)

– “‘Tis the season to be jolly falalalala lalalala”. So they say. 

Copyright: the mother experiment 2011