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so it turns out the mummy blogging market is huge

I started this blog as an outlet to better understand and deal with what was going through my head. When I started it I couldn’t care who read it. Bit by bit I shared certain posts with my family and facebook friends and bit by bit I started receiving lovely comments. Little by little I […]


Being a scientist vs being a mum

So it's now approximately 18 months since I stepped out of the lab on maternity leave and over 6 months since I officially resigned. Sometimes I miss my work but not often. On days I do miss it I get out my glassware (pyrex) and bake. It's not that different to a PCR (multiplying DNA). […]


Blog posts never written – a sort of "to do" list

Oh my gosh where to start. There are so many things I want to blog about but I’m not sure where the best place to start is. Time has been incredibly limited lately and so all these little posts I mentally wrote have never been jotted down or typed up. Do you mentally write your […]


Lost in it all

I have been awake for three hours (four now). I'm so used to Alexis not sleeping well that once I got her back to sleep (easily) at 2:30, I could not get back to sleep myself. Rather than lie there feeling sorry for myself and disturbing Corey I decided to get up and go to […]