so it turns out the mummy blogging market is huge

I started this blog as an outlet to better understand and deal with what was going through my head. When I started it I couldn’t care who read it. Bit by bit I shared certain posts with my family and facebook friends and bit by bit I started receiving lovely comments. Little by little I visited other blogs and slowly but surely some of the ladies from the blogs I followed started following my blog too and leaving the occasional nice comment. It felt good to know that people were enjoying what I wrote. It was slightly strange to know that strangers were reading things about my little family, but at the same time it was cool to know that some people out there found me interesting, encouraging, entertaining, or informative. Little by little I’ve started to realise that the world of mummy and daddy bloggers is not small. Here I was naively thinking I’d come up with an idea that would be a little something different. It turns out not only was I wrong, I was wrong of epic proportions, but that’s ok.

Through visiting a few blogging link ups, signing up to the digital parents website (back when it was aussie mummy bloggers), and recently through starting twitter, I’ve realised that the mummy blogging world is absolutely massive. So many mummies blog. It seems like every mummy blogs, but I know that’s not true. Still, there’s a lot of us. This scared me a little. If there’s that many of us blogging about the same things, then why would anyone want to read my little blog? Some blogs out there are professional blogs, and they have thousands or at least hundreds of readers. Companies give them awesome stuff to use so they’ll say “this is cool” on their blogs and all their readers will read it. It’s a cool marketing technique. If there’s already all these awesome blogs out there I’m probably never going to make it big-time in the blogging world. I’m realising this. Does it bother me?

Over the last few days I’ve been pondering an answer to that question. Does it matter if my blog never “goes anywhere”, never “makes it”, never earns me any money or gets me any cool freebies? NO, I don’t think it does. Sometimes it’s nice to think that something big might come along because of this but it really doesn’t matter. It’s not my ultimate goal and at the end of the day it’s not a big deal. In so many ways this blog has already had a much bigger impact than I initially imagined.

At the point of writing this I have 48 followers on blogger alone. Then there’s my 41 followers on twitter (themotherexp). Some are legitimate, some not so much. Then there’s the 40 “likers” on facebook (mother experiment facebook fan page). There is some overlap there, but not as much as you might think. Many of my original followers from blogger only use blogger, not facebook or twitter. Many of my facebook likers are personal friends or friends of friends who don’t use blogger or twitter. Twitter, well, it seems like there’s an infinite number of people whorring themselves out ‘following’ everyone and anyone on twitter because it’s easy, but I know that there’s at least a few people who keep track of my posts from there. Do any of these numbers mean that much? Well, not really no. It’s huge to me, but they’re very small compared to some other blogs. Again though, I don’t want to compare this to other blogs.

I’m not really sure what my target niche is. “Mums” is too broad. “Christian mums” is too exclusive. “Mums who don’t normally read blogs” was fun for a while, but including my blog in link-ups and things like that with other mummy bloggers is great for boosting my blogs profile and exposure (which, considering I haven’t given up hope of a few perks here and there is a good thing). Mummy bloggers are also more likely to comment, thus I know I’m not talking to myself. 🙂 I love the fact that this is read by so many people who aren’t mums. I guess this could be what sets me apart a little, the fact that it’s not exclusive. There does seem to be a little bit of everything in here. Does it matter if I don’t have a target audience? No, not really, not to me . I am just gonna keep being me and writing what I want and not thinking an overly large amount about it, and see what happens.

I think it is kind of important to have some sort of vision though, lest I start floundering, stagnating, getting bored with it or wasting time chasing opportunities that I don’t really want. So, what is significant to me? What are my goals for this blog? Why do I keep going? Here are my attempts at answers.

1. I enjoy writing. For no other reason I would keep going.
2. My family and friends enjoy reading about the developments Alexis is making.
3. It is helping me deal with some of the random junk that goes through my head. Slowing down my thinking so I can write it out helps me deal with life’s fears, uncertainties, challenges and disappointments. I frequently don’t publish posts that I have written because they seem a little too personal, but at least writing them out helps me.
4. I enjoy reading back on how far Alexis and Corey and Wormy and I have come.
5. I’ve “met” some remarkable women through other blogs and discovered old friends via them stumbling across my blog or being recommended it by a friend.
6. I want to continue being a blog that doesn’t use too much “mummy jargon” so that it’s understandable by my friends who don’t yet have kids. I am proud that I can provide a glimpse of what life with kids might be like, and that at times I can help the childless understand why their baby-wrangling friends suddenly change and become weirdos emotional and/or boring don’t go out as much.
7. I like being able to empathise with and encourage those who are struggling.
8. It gives me an opportunity to mention my little family’s faith in God, and how He is working in our lives. I don’t want to push my religion on to people or to appear a “bible basher” because I know that I’m far from perfect and that nobody wants to be bible bashed. I do mention it occasionally though, because it is a big part of who I am. While this blog is not intended to be an evangelism site, it is an avenue for me to share small bits of what I believe. My hope is that occasionally it encourages people to think about God and Jesus and spiritual things. If one single person takes a step closer to discovering God (or at least being open to the possibility that He might exist), then every single second I pour into this blog is worth it.

Edited 4pm Sorry I forgot to add the URL to the link up that I’m putting this post in (irony much?). Check out other blog posts written on a Tuesday (blog slump day apparently) at Diary of a SAHM’s “I blog on Tuesdays”