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Oh gosh. Babies and hot liquids do not mix.

S&$@! I burned my kid. My baby. My sweet vulnerable little baby boy. Before we go any further I must say William is fine. He’s not in any pain. He only has a small mark. He’s doing push ups on a laundry basket as we speak. Me though, I’m not fine. I will be. Soon. […]


This is why I don’t often do things for myself

On Friday Corey booked us movie tickets for Saturday night. It was my idea, I wanted to do something nice for him. On Friday night William didn’t sleep well, on Saturday he wasn’t his cheery self, and by Saturday afternoon he was running a fever. I didn’t want to go to the movies anymore. I […]


Why don’t you get a job

Ok so the other night I posted a post that shocked a few people. The comments were basically well if you can’t hack it go get a job. My husband laughed the whole way through reading the post. I take that as a compliment as he was taking it with a grain of salt as […]


It’s harder than I thought

In the interests of an honest and unbiased view of motherhood. We all get it. Surely. I know I do. I assume I’m not alone. It’s not exactly socially acceptable to voice it to others. We don’t even like to admit it to ourselves. Yet I’m feeling it. Just a little bit. Tonight I can’t […]