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Dear hubby: you missed…

Hi Corey, I know it’s sometimes hard for you to slot back in when you get home from working away. It’s especially hard when I don’t tell you what’s changed. I sometimes just expect you to somehow just know what’s been happening and if anything has changed. That’s not very helpful is it? Seeing as […]


From head to heart continued: God is good

This post is my Me and YOU Monday post for week 6. It explains how I went with week 5’s goal of taking what I’d learnt already in my head and allowing God to place it on my heart. The plan was that instead of trying really hard to not stress, not swear, and not […]


Housework all done? In your dreams!

This morning I had a very productive morning, well so I thought. In the early hours while the sun was still down and the rest of the household was still sleeping soundly I decided to get some housework done. It was amazing how much I could do so quickly without little feet (or giant feet) […]


Thank God the holidays are over

I am perfectly aware that this blog post’s title makes me sound like an evil witch. A grinch. A she-devil. A mean mean mean selfish lady. Yeah, well, I’ll cop the flack. I’ll probably even cop it from my parents, who are in a profession which back to school means back to work for them […]