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Personalised Christmas book winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Personalised Christmas book giveaway thanks to stuck on you.. There were some very good entries but I could only pick one winner and in my mind it absolutely has to be this comment from Ron Rose. When young, I was cricket mad. Every day I walked past the […]


The Case of the Empty Tomb/He’s Alive

If you usually skip over my “Jesus stuff” please at least read this post. Please. I can’t force you to read it but I really hope you do. This is my answer to questions I hear oh so often: you’re a scientist, how can you believe in God? why do you waste your time going […]


Easter now I have a son

Easter this year means a whole lot more to me than ever before. I’ve pretty much always had an awareness that Jesus died on the cross for me, for you, for whoever will follow Him. I understood that he suffered a great deal of pain, more pain than I could ever imagine. Although at times […]


Carry Me

Both my kids play hard. Really hard. They learn hard. Alexis runs hard. William learned to roll the other day and he has barely stopped since. They are on the go. They go go go go go as long as they can. They don’t like to stop. They fight it for all it’s worth. Then […]