SYL week 6 making goals

Last week’s simplify your life challenge (hosted by home life simplified) was to work out our goals. Based on what went right in 2011 , our core values, our mission statement and my wheel of life exercise I have come up with the following:

# to say grace before meals, especially dinner

# to spend time reading the bible and praying three times a week (and then increase gradually to daily by the end of the year)

# to have no Sunday plans other than church at least three weeks a month (we need “down time” as a family, it helps to set us up well for the week ahead.)

# to read a bible story every night with the kids or to sing a “Jesus song” if they’re really tired

# to openly admit when we have done the wrong thing and ask for forgiveness

# to view housework as a way to serve my family as opposed to a tiresome monotonous burdensome waste of my life

# goal is that once something has been forgiven we won’t bring it up again

# to somehow find a balance between playing with the kids, doing housework and sleeping

# to engage my creative brain by making up silly songs to sing for the kids. (I’ve always done improvised ditties while changing nappies etc and it’s something we all enjoy. I’d like to write some of them down.)

# to be more grateful

#goal is for Corey to attend music practice fortnightly and for Karlee to attend ladies’ bible study fortnightly. Alexis gets to stay up after William to have a date with whichever parent is home while the other is out.

# goal is to have a date night regularly: going out once a month and staying in once a month

# Corey and I will find time to talk to eachother once both kids are asleep

# to do dishes before bed whenever possible because I hate starting the day with dirty dishes and a messy kitchen (I seem to play catch up all day)

# to keep the kitchen bench clear. This one is a bit of an apple pie in the sky dream but I’ll keep working towards it

# to pray together before bed. Aiming to be in the habit of doing this every night by the end of the year

# to get to dreamworld or a local park once a fortnight

# to put music on and crazy dance with the kids three times a week

# to allow Alexis more messy play and outdoor play. On the weekends we are home I want us to be outside playing or creating things or something that I can’t do on my own with both kids

# Hoping to eat better but won’t be too legalistic because really, something has to give occasionally

That’s a lot of goals but there’s still 10 months left of this year. It’s only 2 a week if you think about it although it’s a shame it doesn’t work that way.

I don’t expect to do them all perfectly but it’s nice to have something to work towards. They’re so different to my goals for this year that I set in January. They involved cleaning and cooking and getting fit, all those things I felt I *should* do. Hopefully because these new goals are more realistic and personal they will be easier to achieve.