Body image for babies?

This is madness.

Here we have two shirts. Both are size one. Both are bought from the same shop. They are the standard brand for that shop. The one on top is a girls shirt. It’s white with aqua sleeves. As you can see it is pretty and dainty and cute but teeny tiny. The blue shirt (double-layer blue) behind it is a boys shirt. Sure, boys and girls are different, but at one year of age they are not that different apart from the obvious (and that won’t affect a shirt). This is ridiculous. I’ve often thought that girls clothes looked tighter and skimpier than boys clothes. Well here you go. Am I the only one who thinks this is a troubling sign of the times we are in? I’m well aware Alexis will have to worry about her size and appearance when she’s older but what happened to letting our babies be babies?

The only possible other difference is the one on the bottom was bought a year or so earlier than the other shirt, so maybe clothes sizes have reduced across the board but I’m not convinced. I just bought Alexis some size 2 Tshirts from girlswear and boyswear (cheap Ts from boyswear will do her quite fine around the house thank you very much)!. I haven’t got any of them handy to do a comparison of as her girly shirts are all filthy from the weekend. Watch this space, I’ll keep you posted.