funny things kids do #1: sleep in random places

This was written yesterday (30/3) but this is the first chance I’ve had to post it

Well this is just weird.

Alexis woke up from her nap (as I was just about to drift off to sleep of course) a fair while ago. I got her back to sleep but when I went to put her down she woke quite upset. She would not re-settle in bed with me either.  So eventually I gave in and fed her again (weaning is not going well) and allowed her to sleep in my arms.

Keep reading, it gets better.

Her father rung at 5 as he does everyday even though we always have words about him not needing to call me to say he’s coming home and that Alexis is often asleep then so can he just leave me alone and I will call him if I need him. He was nicely asking did I need anything from the shops, so I decided to try something different and NOT bite his head off (see my new “tip”).
"Bananas please. Thanks for offering, saves me having to go out tomorrow." (We ALWAYS need bananas.) 
Corey: "what? I can't hear you."
Me (frustrated): I'm speaking softly because Alexis is asleep on my lap".
Corey (pissy): "WHAT!?"
Me (curtly) : BANANAS.
Corey (whingy):  oh. So I'll have to actually go to a supermarket".
Me (thinking in head: you offered. Fool) "whatever. Don't worry if you can't be bothered."

Alexis' response to all this was to worm her way down my lap and position herself sitting up ON MY FEET with her head against my knees, and promptly fall back to sleep. 

She is still there, 45 minutes later, despite several calls back and forwards between her father and I.

Call 2;
Me (to msg bank) "I want hot chips. Can you please get some from the fish shop to go with last nights leftovers?" (in my defence our dishwasher is broken and we got pizza last night and in my brain hot chips goeswith pizza. And there's a 10 kg baby asleep on my feet)

Call 3;
Corey (confused): um, yeah. Ok. Chicken salt?
Me: not for me and the baby. Get some separate for yourself if you like.
Corey: nah
Me: want me email you my shopping list to get while you wait?
Corey: nah I can't be bothered sorry
Me: ok forget the chips then, we have packets of chips crisp things at home
Corey: can't hear you

Call 4;
Me: why call and wake us up to offer to get things from shops if you can't be bothered?  
Corey: huh?
Me: forget the chips. We will use up some chips from the pantry
Corey: ok I'm not getting bananas either

So Corey and my phone calls to eachother are incredibly intelligent, NOT. I only wrote it here so you can see how hilarious it is that Alexis slept through it all. Alexis slept on my feet until 5 minutes ago when Corey got home (without bananas). I quickly asked him to pick Alexis up as I could no longer feel my legs. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn't stop at the shops after all.

Edited 2/4: It’s funny how we spend so much time and energy and willpower on getting babies to sleep and they resist so hard, but sometimes they just crash, here, there, everywhere. It’s the funniest times and the funniest places that babies sleep sometimes. Do you have a funny sleep story? Why not leave a comment and share.

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