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Funny things kids do: awkward compliments

It’s been a long time since I last posted in my funny things kids do series. Not because my kids are no longer funny but because I just plain forgot about it. Shock hey. It’s unlike me to forget things but I did… Until now. So I’ve mentioned my kids are funny. They have fed […]


Crawling on eggshells

My last post was a picture of Alexis sitting on the coffee table surrounded by salt. Later on that afternoon she broke some eggs. We had been playing peekaboo with a blanket in William’s room. She covered me up and I stayed under the blanket for a little while expecting she would come ‘roar’ at […]


Funny things kids do: hilariously dangerous stuff

This morning Corey laughed uncontrollably as he showed me this photo: Which reminded me of yesterday: And the day before A week ago And a few weeks before that Mmm… Gotta love kids for freaking you out and making you laugh at the same time.


Funny things kids do #4: Need to be fed in random places

My posts have been fairly serious lately because I’ve basically only had time for Me and YOU Monday posts. I thought I might do something a little different on my blog today. It’s been a long time since I last posted in the funny things kids do series. Life as a mum is sometimes serious […]