Funny things kids do: awkward compliments

It’s been a long time since I last posted in my funny things kids do series. Not because my kids are no longer funny but because I just plain forgot about it. Shock hey. It’s unlike me to forget things but I did… Until now.

So I’ve mentioned my kids are funny. They have fed each other raw egg before. The post with pictures of hilariously dangerous stuff they got up to in one week is seriously worth a look. They’ve demanded feeds in random places; brought random treasures to the toilet ; pooed in random places and fallen asleep in random places, such as my on my feet.

My kids make me laugh almost every day but this post is not actually inspired by my kids. This is something that happened at church the other day. I hope it’s ok for me to share. I won’t mention any names. It was so funny I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

There were two brothers at church, one 7 ish, one 4 ish. I was welcoming them before church and explaining that I would be taking Sunday school that day after worship if they wanted to come with me.

They were lovely polite boys but I must admit I wasn’t entirely listening to them because I had William trying to dive off my hip and Alexis trying to drag me into the bathroom.

I did catch the following conversation though.

Little boy 1 (to me): do you go to school?
Little boys’ dad cracks up laughing
Me: ah no not since a long time ago.
Little boy 1 (to me): you’re so pretty.
Me (awkward): um.. Thank you.
Little boy 1: I wish you could be our mum. Oh no we have a mum.
Little boy 2: we could have two mums.
Little boy 1: no.
Little boy 2: you’re so beautiful. I wish you could be our Nanna.
Little boys’ dad laughing hysterically.
Me (laughing): I think I’ll take that as a compliment?

Hahaha. Way to go from awkward compliment to over the top to ‘what did you just say’ in 2 minutes flat.

Kids are so funny.

I was too busy laughing to get offended at being called a Nanna. Anyway, a few seconds before that his brother thought I was in school. 😉 Kids have very little concept of age. Being awkward on the other hand, well kids have that in the bag.