Painting with two under three.. Again..

We did some more painting today. I even let William be involved this time.

William was relatively happy with some empty cups and dry clean paintbrushes for the first twenty minutes or so. When I did finally give him some pain he scooped it off the page and straight into his mouth… I decided to do some handprints while he was already filthy and already likely to get a bit of a tummy ache. It was pretty fun but very messy. The pictures really don’t adequately show just how green he actually was.


Alexis is really getting the hang of painting now. She absolutely adores it. I enjoy it too so it’s a great bonding time for us. I think it’s important to encourage her creative side in a safe and semi-structured environment. It saves her stealing the sudocrem and painting her little brother in it..

This is how today went.

She first chose to paint with blue. I decided to use blue too.
Me: “Lexi what are you painting?”
Lexi: “I’m painting blue.”
Me: “me too. Would you like a new colour?”
Lexi: “yes please. Yellow.”
Me: “I was thinking yellow too!”
Lexi: “me painting a sun.”
Me: “that’s great. I’m painting sand on a beach.”
Lexi: “I’m making a hot day.”
Me: “how lovely.”

I thought that was hilarious. A hot day. What a very creative thing for a 2.5 year old to paint. 🙂

She then did some hand prints with William before bringing me the cup of red paint and asking me to help her make purple. Incredible. So we added some blue paint, mixed it up, and then she did some “painting purple.”


It was a great teaching opportunity and quite fun too. It was almost worth the mess. 😉 Actually it didn’t take too much to clean up, just a quick bath for the kids and a quick rinse of the brushes. It pays to choose the paint wisely.

Now William is sleeping and I can get on with starting those pesky Monday morning chores. sigh.

Although I just got doorknocked by a neighbourhood child with a bit of red paint on her chin saying, “trick or treat.” Hmm. Nice try kid but its not Halloween yet (and I hate halloween) and it’s daylight and, um, how ’bout no? I just said, “you’re about a month early,” and left it at that. At least she didn’t knock when I had two kids covered in paint..

Is that time of year already? sigh. The whole concept of Halloween drives me crazy. I know of people who hand out “Jesus loves you” trinkets with bible tracts. I guess I could do that. It wouldn’t kill me to buy some cheap lollies to go with them… The kids better have better costumes than just red paint on their chins though, my one year old can do that.