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Camping in the dining room

Written Monday night Friday was another inside day due to fire smoke. We made a cardboard dollhouse in the morning and had a lovely lunch but still the kids were restless. So in the afternoon we went camping inside. It’s very simple to set up a campsite indoors, all you have to do is drape […]


Painting with two under three.. Again..

We did some more painting today. I even let William be involved this time. William was relatively happy with some empty cups and dry clean paintbrushes for the first twenty minutes or so. When I did finally give him some pain he scooped it off the page and straight into his mouth… I decided to […]


Couldn’t have done it without ‘Grr Grr’!

The other morning I was dawdling a bit, unsure of whether I was going to take the kids to playgroup or not, when I received a phone call from my dad. “Hi Karls, I’m in the area, just wondering if you need some help with playgroup today?” “Yes please! We’re at a park today.” So […]


Sometimes we need a little stupid

Sunday 10pm Sometimes I'm a great mum. Sometimes I'm not so great. Lack of sleep, sickness and stress can take their toll. Sometimes the monotony gets a bit much. Every now and then I throw caution to the wind and have a bit of fun. Sometimes this works out great. Sometimes I'm just plain stupid. […]