Camping in the dining room

Written Monday night

Friday was another inside day due to fire smoke. We made a cardboard dollhouse in the morning and had a lovely lunch but still the kids were restless.

So in the afternoon we went camping inside.

It’s very simple to set up a campsite indoors, all you have to do is drape a blanket over the kitchen table. We used sheets instead though because they are easier to wash and they let air in. I used two queen sheets overlapping slightly because we have a rather large table once it is extended. I extended it because I knew that Alexis would drag me into their ‘tent’.

It didn’t matter how big our ‘tent’ was though. The kids took full advantage of me lying down by proceeding to climb on top of me and pin me down. It was fun although I probably have a few more random bruises.


I’m glad I had taken the time to clean out and vacuum under the table first. I had even managed to get Alexis to do a lot of the tidying by explaining how a tidy floor would be more comfortable to lie on. She was so excited to be allowed to do something new and exciting that she did it without complaining.

We had a great time playing under there for close to an hour, even though I had to keep putting the sheets back up after William pulled them down. Later in the evening we hid from Corey under there when he got home from work. He found us and crawled in as I crawled out to busy myself with reheating the dinner I had cooked that morning.

Unfortunately for Corey, I hadn’t noticed that William had snuck some toys in, so he lay on some toy cars and wooden blocks. Ouch. Whoops! Still they had fun and I had fun watching.


Alexis was quite upset when we had to dismantle the ‘tent’ to have dinner at the table. Next time I’ll be a super cool mum and make party food that we can eat as a picnic on the floor under the table. I definitely wasn’t going to do that with the spaghetti bolognaise I had prepared earlier. So much ended up on the floor anyway I wonder if it would’ve made any difference.

She kept asking if we could do it again. I promised her on the weekend that we could do it Monday morning. I forgot but I don’t think she did considering when I woke up this morning I stumbled onto this.


She had stripped her blankets ready to go! It’s only tonight I realised what she was trying to do. I was obviously quite tired to not have worked that out. Or maybe I was confused after being shocked awake by this:


I cracked up laughing so hard I think she forgot all about the ‘camping’. Maybe we will do it tomorrow. She’s at such a fun age. Sometimes being a stay at home mum really is the best job in the world. Well it would be, only the kids would sleep through the night.