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Babies suck

No no no I'm not a baby hater. I love babies. Well I love my babies, and my niece, and Kristy's babies. Some babies irritate me but I'm sure my babies irritate people at the shops, post office, etc too! What I meant is that babies like to suck. It's what they do.  When I […]


Food, we used to be friends!

OK, so if you’ve read any of my posts lately you’ll know I haven’t been feeling so great. Food and my digestive system have been declaring war on each other. I suspect the war is funded by the small gremlin little cherub occupying my whole freaking body womb. I love him dearly, but if he expects me […]



I know I’m not meant to be using any swear words but I’ve had this in my head and I can’t get it out. Sometimes I am delusional and think people need to read this stuff just have to let my creative side out. This is a public health announcement of a current epidemic wreaking […]


Fat lady at shops with screaming child

Next time you see a fat lady at the shopping centre with a screaming child, have a little compassion. That fat lady might just be me. Today it was. Or one day, that lady with the screaming kid might be you. I worked in retail for five years. I had my fair share of moments […]