A few minutes of sunshine

We caught a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air this evening. It didn’t last long, but it was long enough. Today was a great day, the whole day, but when the sun came out and we caught a glimpse of what summer’s meant to be like, it was golden.

We woke up, had breakfast, then bathed Alexis, who had plastered herself from head to toe in her cereal. Then Corey played with her while I washed some more of Alexis’ new clothes from Christmas. Size 1. Wow, they look huge! I did the second hand size 1s and other size 1s she’d been given along the way (some we were given when she was first born. Soon she will finally get to wear them). I soaked most things first to check if they run. A few second hand clothes we were given did run. They must not have been worn very often? That’s what happens,I guess, babies get all these beautiful clothes and spend the vast majority of summer in just a nappy and a singlet.

Then Corey did some shopping for us while I convinced Alexis to have a morning nap and cleaned up slightly and he brought home fish and chips for lunch. Yummy! We ate that (although Alexis had fish with crumbs removed, cheese and bread)while watching some of a movie, then bathed Alexis (who had covered herself in fish and cheese), put some child locks up, had a play, then all went down for an arvo nap.

We woke to realise that although the sun wasn’t shining overly brightly, it was there, and it wasn’t raining! So we took Alexis to the local park. Corey thought I was nuts when I first suggested it, as it was already 5pm, and it was perhaps a little irresponsible to drag my sick baby out in the ‘night air’. Actually Corey already knows I’m nuts so he usually just goes along with my spontaneous moments. We couldn’t waste the opportunity. I’d been itching to take Alexis to the park for the best part of a month but it had always been either ridiculously hot and sunny (dangerous for babies) or dark or raining. So off to the park we went.

We didn’t stay very long but we had a great time. Alexis played on the swing, practiced “walking” in shoes for the first time (I wouldn’t let go of her hand though because she wanted down and we didn’t want her crawling around on the floor amongst the cigarette butts and dirty shoes), and had a turn on the seasaw. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, we were thoroughly enjoyed being there to experience it with her. Family time at the park, you can’t get much better than that. We did have to compete for her attention though, because as per usual she seemed most interested in people-watching. It seemed like every kid aged between 5 and 15 in the neighbourhood was there, and why not, they were all making the most of the break in the rain too. The older kids were quite considerate, they stopped throwing things at each other while we were there with one reminding his friend, “there’s a baby here so watch you f-ing language”.

After that we headed home and I cooked dinner while Corey and Alexis played and then we all ate the same meal together at the same time. Alexis loves it when she gets to eat the same thing as us. She’s been off her food a bit lately and I thought maybe it was because she was sick but then I thought maybe she was just bored with bland food so I tried her with some spaghetti bolognaise tonight and she absolutely loved it. It took longer to clean up than it did to cook and eat, but hey she’s only young once. So we bathed her for the third time today. She better not get used to it! We dressed Alexis in a size 1 onesie that I had washed this morning, and suddenly it didn’t look so big. My baby is growing so big, so fast! Too fast. She’s so independent now. It won’t be too long before she doesn’t need me at all.

We tried to convince her it was sleep time, gave up, played a bit, took all the ornaments off the Christmas tree ready to be packed up tomorrow (sob), played a bit more, and eventually got her off to sleep. She looked so plum tuckered out like she’d be down for the night but she woke about 20 minutes later. We got her back to sleep easily though. I lay my little angel down in her cot for the night (again). She looks so little and helpless now.