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The end-of-the-month anniversary challenge

Have you seen my stuck on you personalised Christmas book review and giveaway yet? Four years ago I got my hair done, got my make-up done, wore a rather expensive dress and carried a rather heavy costly bouquet of lillies. I walked down an isle while people stared at me before being given away to […]


I cook you clean?

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I would personally think there are easier ways to get a guy’s attention but it doesn’t exactly hurt to try something new in the kitchen occasionally. When Corey and I were first married I worked very hard in a busy pathology lab. I […]


How to get your husband to eat leftovers and enjoy it

I try to cook enough for 2 nights at one time because, quite frankly, I spend enough time in the kitchen as it is. My husband is not a fan of leftovers for dinner. He doesn’t even like to take leftovers for lunch. He does eat them though, most of the time, because a) he […]


Cooking with a 2 year old

My daughter Alexis loves helping Corey and I when we are cooking. She has ‘helped’ me bake cakes and muffins semi-regularly for the last year or so and we even let her roll, cut and decorate cookies occasionally as a special treat. Recently she has wanted to mix just about everything and she has taken […]