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Lovely summer nights

Today was one of those days that was pretty close to perfect. Sure it had its difficult moments, I have two kids under three, both with very strong personalities, but for the most part I could not have asked for a better day. After swimming lessons we came home for banana muffins and juice. Alexis […]


Couldn’t have done it without ‘Grr Grr’!

The other morning I was dawdling a bit, unsure of whether I was going to take the kids to playgroup or not, when I received a phone call from my dad. “Hi Karls, I’m in the area, just wondering if you need some help with playgroup today?” “Yes please! We’re at a park today.” So […]


Lovely sunny autumn days

It’s been absolutely wonderful weather lately. I’ve been determined to make the most of it while it lasts. I’ve also been trying to be more adventurous and actually, you know, do things with the kids. Today was a great day. The kids let me sleep until 7:30. That’s tops. Probably because I was up with […]


SYL12/2 Our Family Mission Statement

This is part of SYL12 at Home Life Simplified. Last week’s task was to write our family’s mission statement based on our family members’ core values.  Writing a mission statement was tricky for us. Corey initially said his values were the same as the ones I said last week (faith, joy, peace, love, passion) except […]