And so ends Christmas for another year

Christmas 2012 was rather nice. We had quite a number of celebrations as usual.

We had the wiggles concert and a holiday at the beach before Christmas even started. We had a wonderful lunch with Corey’s mum and sis a few days before Christmas. The kids got spoiled (as did Corey and I which was a lovely surprise) and had a ball making their own pizzas.


Our church Christmas service was actually a Christmas Eve dessert and music show. Seeing as Corey was on stage it saw me trying to stop both kids from eating their body weight in sugar. I failed.


It was good fun but neither child slept well that night, meaning neither did I, which meant I woke Corey up at 5 so I could get some sleep… It was a start but not enough.

I managed to pull myself together as long as possible because nobody likes to spend Christmas tired and cranky. We had a good day despite both kids (and I) having a sugar hangover. 🙁


Christmas lunch itself was at my parents house with my sis and bro in law and nieces joining us too. It was wonderful chaos as usual ;). Unfortunately I came down with a bad cold just after lunch. I was excused for a rest while the others played which I found was not the worst thing ever as I quite enjoy a rest whenever I can get one.



Once we all recovered from our colds (which I generously shared) we spent a morning at the rail museum with Corey’s dad. It was part of our Christmas present to the kids to go see the Thomas the Tank Engine exhibit. It was a good day out.


We braved the southbank crowds for New Years and it was, in a word, awesome.

An extended family gathering a few days later signalled the end of the festive season.


It was a good Christmas this year and it’s sad to see the end of it although to be one hundred percent honest I’m glad the tree is now away and we are settling back into routine. I am, for the moment, all partied out. I have until Sunday to get over that as we embark on the first birthday adventure of the year, a three year old girl’s party, a nice one to start us off. Before we know it it’ll be Alexis turning three (but not before ‘GuuGuu’s bday). Goodness I guess I should start getting organised!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. Did Santa pay a visit? According to Alexis, Santa tried to steal her dummies and bottles “but daddy fought him and got them back for me.” I hope Santa did your house first before we accidentally incapacitated him… That’s a story for another year.